Stiletto lashes: how to make the “spider” eyelash mascara technique

Stiletto lashes: what is it about?

The characteristic of these eyelashes is that they are gathered in small tufts to create a spiked, pointed effect. The goal is to give emphasis to the look as explained by the makeup artist Jenna OrtegaVincent Oquendo (@makeupvincent), on his Instagram profile.

The star of the TV series Wednesday then combined this beauty look, chosen to participate in the SAG Awards of Los Angeles, a vintage Versace dress was purchased directly from the fashion house’s archive in 1994, as reported by Elle Turner on UK glamour. But Ortega isn’t the only one: her colleague Zendaya also chose a similar make-up for the same event with tufted eyelashes as protagonists.

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The inspiration? Twiggy’s spider lashes

Once they were called “star”, before becoming “stiletto”, these eyelashes then took the name spider lashes, translatable “a spider”. They are eyelashes in the foreground, literally loaded with mascara. Of course, they recall those brought to the fore in the Sixties by the model Twiggy but they are less precise and slightly more smudged. Let’s say that they are the modern version of the rather cheeky London style of the late Fifties Teddy Girls, which later, during Swinging London, were slightly brushed up, becoming “Twiggy” lashes. They are eyes clean but very intense, with graphics halfway between contemporary and a touch of punk. The effect you have to recreate is in fact similar to the legs of a spider, irregular, some longer than others shorter. In short, spider lashes put the eyes in the foreground but without demanding precision of application.

How does Selena Gomez put on mascara? The viral technique on Tik Tok

The founder of the Rare Beauty brand is dispensing useful advice on how to wear makeup. Among the latest hacks that she has proposed, the one that has struck the fans is the application of mascara with the eyebrow tweezers. His technique? First, pass the mascara on the lashes, curving the upper lashline well with a zigzag movement that allows you to give maximum curvature and length, until you separate the lashes as if they were spider legs. And then, picking up the tweezers with the mascara, she proceeds to create defined tufts in the lower lashes. The effect is precisely the one renamed with the term spider lashes, which it recalls doll eyes but without giving the look an elegant and at the same time bold allure. Finally, with your fingers, once the mascara has dried, define the ends by giving them the direction, more external or internal, which you prefer.

Are stiletto lashes the alternative to false eyelashes?

The answer is yes also because when the goal is to amaze with the eyes, it is better to follow the easiest possible technique. And that’s why the Tik Tok fan loved the spider lashes technique. Because it allows – thanks to the skilful use of tweezers for the eyebrows to create well-defined tufts, textured in black and well volumized – not to resort to false eyelashes.

The stars who love the stiletto lashes effect

Celebrities know how to give their eyes extra volume, thanks to the use of mascara alone. Extreme curvature and XXL lengths seem to be for the stars, from Dakota Johnson to Megan Fox, also passing through the royals, such as Letizia Ortiz, a common point on red carpet make-up. If you want to imitate them, following Selena Gomez’s technique, which is very easy to replicate in front of the mirror, know that there is only one secret: the more the eyelashes are encrusted with mascara (but free of lumps) the more your gaze will be magnetic and flawless.

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