Stranger Things is not Game of Thrones. Duffers meet Millie Bobby Brown

The actress playing Eleven asked for an ending closer to Game of Thrones with the courage to kill several important characters. But the showrunners don’t seem to agree

How will it end very strange things? Fans have been wondering about this for about a year now, the time that has passed since the release of the fourth and penultimate season. And they don’t know how much more they’ll have to guess, given the delays that productions, like everything in Hollywood, are accumulating due to strikes by writers and actors. Everyone, of course, has their own opinion on this matter, and Millie Bobby Brown, the star of the series, did not make a secret of this, referring to “alla.” Game of Thrones”, with the death of several important characters.

“Killer Instinct” GOT.

A request that, despite an authoritative voice, seems to have been denied by the Duffer Brothers, the creators and organizers of the series. “We have to have that mindset,” Millie Bobby Brown said of the ability Game of Thrones not look any of his characters in the face. And who knows what the actress would have thought of a dramatic plot twist for her Eleven, similar to the one involving Daenerys Targaryen. Eleven, who suddenly turns out to be a villain and is sacrificed for the common good, would certainly be something of a sensation.

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The assumption is destined to remain so, perhaps at least trying to interpret the words of the Duffers in the Happy Sad Confused podcast. “Trust us,” they replied, “we thought through every possibility, every option at the writing stage. But we are not Game of Thrones, this is Hawkins, not Westeros.” There are demogorgons in Hawkins, not fire-breathing dragons. First of all, there is no throne to fight and fight for.


As for what Millie Bobby Brown thought would be a disadvantage very strange thingsor failing to kill off their most important characters, Matt Duffer responded by explaining that there is always a reason behind their choices, that someone’s death carries significant emotional weight for young heroes: “It’s me that I’m defending myself against.” Millie Bobby Brown, who accuses me of being a sensitive soul, and explains that there is a logic behind this that has nothing to do with sensitivity, ”he replied.

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