Stranger Things, what inspired the Duffers for the Upside Down?


There is not Stranger Things without Upside Down: the parallel dimension that acts as a real negative of the reality in which we live is the scenario of most of the events on which the plot of the Netflix show is based, and its design has instantly become iconic. But what inspired the Duffer Brothers?

Before entrusting Aaron Sims Creative with the creation of the Upside Down, in fact, the two brothers who created the entire world of Stranger Things gave birth in their minds to a first draft of this disturbing parallel world: the main sources of inspiration, in this sense, they would have been there Alien saga (we imagine mainly for the creatures that inhabit the Upside Down) and video games such as Silent Hill, whose atmosphere actually closely resembles that which one breathes during certain moments in the adventures of Mike, Eleven and co.

The rest, as we said, was done by the guys from Aaron Sims Creative: it seems that our people have found a valid source of inspiration in the paintings of the Polish painter Zdzislaw Beksinskywhose works are defined as “a foreign and hellish world, surrounded by a thin layer of something we can’t identify“. Definitely valid sources of inspiration given the result, don’t you think? Soon, however, it will be the time to say goodbye to the Upside Down: according to Millie Bobby Brown for Stranger Things it is now time to close its doors.

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