Streaming Series: Calendar for September 2023

Password: entertainment. Netflix, Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, Paramount+, Apple Plus, NOW and Sky. Lots of news and Series coming out soon for the best streaming platforms. Let’s see which ones you can’t miss in September.

Friday 1 September

  • Disappointment 5 (Netflix): New episodes of the animated saga signed by Matt Groening. Thus, in a very short time, the (evil) adventures of the queen, her inseparable friend Elf and the demon Lucy will continue.
  • Wheel of Time 2 (Amazon Prime Video): It starts again Wheel of Time with the second season of the best-selling science fiction series by Robert Jordan.

Wednesday, September 6

  • I’m Groot 2 (Disney+): an animated saga inspired by Baby Grootkey character Guardians of the Galaxy and many unreleased Marvel characters.
  • Carioca PoliceSeason 1 (Netflix)
  • a shame, Season 1 (Netflix)
  • House of Tahirseason 1 (Netflix)
  • 6ixtynin9Season 1 (Netflix)

Thursday, September 7

  • Best Boy 3 (Netflix): After a two year wait, finally the big return of Dushane (Ashley Walters) and Sally (Kane Robinson), who are still fighting drug trafficking.
  • virgin river 5 – Part 1 (Netflix): We’re kicking off again with the fifth season of the romance series based on the novels by Robin Carr. However, only the first part of the fifth season will be released in September, the second part will have to wait until November 2023.
  • Scott and BaileySeason 4 (Sky Investigation)
  • My favoriteSeason 1 (Netflix)
  • Star Trek: Lower DecksSeason 4 (Paramount+)

Friday 8 September

  • Changeling is a New York fairy tale.Season 1 (Apple TV+)
  • DominateSeason 2 (Sky Atlantic): The drama series starring Kasia Smutnyak returns with a new season inspired by the life of Livia Drusilla.
  • widow’s thursdaySeason 1 (Netflix)
  • On Fire (El Cuerpo En Lamas)Season 1 (Netflix)

Wednesday, September 13

  • morning showSeason 3 (Apple TV+): obviously the third season can’t be missed with Jennifer Aniston (as Alex) e Reese Witherspoon (who plays Bradley).
  • ribbonsSeason 1 (Netflix)

Thursday, September 14

  • di4ryseason 2 – part 1 (Netflix): The series about the events of the boys and the special relationship with high school and with new classmates returns with a second season.

Friday 15 September

  • Survive the Summer – Amazing SummerSeason 2 (Netflix)
  • wrong upbringingSeason 1 (Netflix)
  • Life of CharlesSeason 2 (Paramount+): new episodes also for Carlo Verdone’s comedy, a series that tells the actor’s story in a comical and self-deprecating way.
  • Marcelo, Martello, MarshmallowSeason 1 (Paramount+)

Sunday 17 September

  • EqualizerSeason 3 (Sky Investigation): Investigation Adventures Andrew Marlow AND Terry Miller focused on the life of Robin McCall.

Thursday, September 21

  • sex educationSeason 4 (Netflix): The Mordale teenagers return with new adventures and many inconveniences.

Friday 22 September

  • ContinentalSeason 1 (Amazon Prime Video): Debuts with the first season, an event series inspired by the John Wick saga.
  • not sleeping yetSeason 1 (Apple TV+)

Thursday, September 28

  • Kardashian, Part 4 (Disney+): Continue watching Part 4 and new episodes every Thursday. Spotlights are turned on the main characters, who decide to tell their story.
  • The escapeSeason 1 (Paramount+)

Friday, September 29

  • Generation Vseason 1 (Amazon Prime Video): spin-off series also debuts boys which promises to be no less than the main one.

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