summer manicure by jennifer lopez


  1. 1. Nails with strawberry milk is the new nail art trend made famous by Jennifer Lopez.
  2. The singer and actress wore this Simple but effective nail art at recent public events.
  3. Inspiration is greedy: it comes straight from the world of sweets and pays homage to color strawberry milk.
  4. A very light pink which essentially resembles Strawberry milk sweets.
  5. Nail art perfect for summer because it light tone AND brilliant lends itself well intensify tan.


Credits @tombachik Strawberry Milk Manicure by Jennifer Lopez

Straight from the world of sweets and sweet childhood memories Strawberry milk nails are the new nail art trend for summer 2023.. This trend was launched by the cult Jennifer Lopez who showed off her fingernails during her last public appearances soft pink color which actually reminds strawberry milk. Taste (and color) typical of desserts, especially chupa chups. Want to know more about this new trend? So, beauties, keep reading the post and I will reveal all the secrets of perfect nails. strawberry milk .


Imagine dipping your nails into a strawberry-flavored milk bath. Well beauties, the result could be a new super viral trend in nail art. Well yeah why Strawberry milk manicure is the latest summer nail art trend.. All thanks to the magical Jennifer Lopez, who showed off this manicure during a special event.

Jennifer Lopez showed off this manicure at a special event

In fact, this is not the first time, just now they copied by everyone. It’s about very simple nails and one color from light pink color almost gravitating towards white, reminiscent of strawberry milk. it’s a nail trend exquisite, very stylish and ideal for enhance tan or for those with more amber skin tone (just like our JLo). Little curiosity? This nail art is also very popular with brides.


Credits: @nikolaa_beauty Via Instagram, strawberry milk nails are also perfect for brides.


Nails with strawberry milk I very easy to do. First of all, do the right manicure: remove the cuticle and make the nail bed smooth. Then all you have to do is apply this particular light pink nail polish evenly after applying the clear top coat to make the nail polish more uniform.


Credits: @nailz_ann.indigo_ Via Instagram, this nail art is easy to do and very elegant.

This nail art works well for short nails and ideal for those who want hands are always in order, but not flashy. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that modular.

In fact, this color can be applied as many times as necessary for color saturation. The more passes you make, the denser the color will be. A top coat is also needed at the end, of course, but if you want a long-lasting and very neat effect, go for it. semi-permanent nail polish.


Credits: @bykatieleigh_ Via Instagram, Strawberry Milk nail designs can be created by color intensity.

Beauties, want to know what nail polishes to buy to make Strawberry Milk nails and how many variations can this nail art be made in? Then click here and go to page 2.

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