The Weeknd in Milan: concert and line-up

One hundred and sixty thousand tickets were sold for two concerts at the Snay Hippodrome in Milan.After Hour Before Dawn Tour. Weekend puts on a monumental show reminiscent of the apocalypse. A giant robot standing on a spaceship-like walkway greets the crowd. And his Moon, which follows him on all dates of the tour, has become the symbol of the show. Scenography, special effects, lighting, flame, nothing was missing in the concert July 26, which repeats on July 27., both times in front of 80,000 people. Here are the dancers, here are the wreckage, of which the leader of the gang, in the registry office Abel Makkonen Tesfaye sing to heal wounds. There is New York, there are skyscrapers, there is an opportunity to fill the stage with the energy of an artist who chooses big things.

There is no place for words in the string of hits that have made the Canadian singer-songwriter one of the most famous and popular in the world and that Milan has been looking forward to. Over thirty songs for a two-hour concert dedicated to a career that began in 2012.”Take my breath“,”starboy“,”die for you“,”Can’t feel my face“,”Victim“and anthem”blinding lights“. One by one, to make the audience sing, they lift up the glowing bracelets they received at the entrance to the show.

The Canadian singer-songwriter wears a mask, which he takes off only after the start of the concert, and it is at this moment that he approaches his audience, eliminating distances and barriers. There is a feeling that this may indeed be his last tour. There is hope that this is not the case.

Concert line-up:

“Take My Breath”
“How can I make you love me?”
“Can’t Feel My Face”
“Lost in the Fire”
“Hurricane (Kanye West cover)”
“Kissing Land”
“House of Balloons”
“Low standard of living”
“Holiday Monster”
“Out of business hours”
“Out of Time”
“I feel it coming”
“Die for You”
“Is there anyone else?”
“I’ve Never Been There”
“Call My Name”
“Save Your Tears”
“Less Than Zero”
“Blinding Lights”
“Tears in the Rain”
“In your eyes”
“Moth to Flame”

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