Summer through your eyes 3, when it comes out, preview and plot

There second season Summer in your eyes on Prime Video, received recognition and success. triangle between Belli, Conrad and Jeremiah it touches and engages viewers, also through the romantic and bittersweet setting of a fictional American seaside resort (Cousins ​​Beach) that kicks into gear during the first heatwave and then sadly closes in the winter. While the stories of the main characters are intertwined with everyday problems, tragedies and the emotions of first love, fans Summer in your eyes they are already thinking about the next chapter. Which, according to the first achievements, should follow the deadlines outlined by the author literary saga by jenny han and complete the storyline two years after the events of the second season. Only ten episodes, which will be released in 2024.

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Scene from the second season Summer in your eyes

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Let’s Start with the Books: Original Titles Summer when I became beautiful (which uses facts already seen in the first season) e It’s not summer without you, which we’ll see again in Season 2 in a meta twist featuring Belle’s mother, the author of a book of the same name about her friend Susannah, and the alter ego of Jenny Khan herself. The third book, which will presumably be discussed in the third season, is called We will always have summer in Italy, all published by BUR-Rizzoli): although Prime Video has yet to confirm this, fans expect the TV trilogy to be completed as well as the literary one.

What will happen in the third season Summer in your eyes?

Without going into details, so as not to spoil the surprise for those who have not yet read Jenny Khan’s books, suffice it to say that The third book in the series is gaining popularity two years after the events of the second volume., and Belli is still torn between her love for Conrad and her affection for Jeremiah. Busy in college, a girl starts a relationship with her ex’s brother, but she can’t get over the first boy she ever loved.

Khan, who also writes the script for the series, has already changed a few things from the book to include them in the second season. love scene between Belli and Conrad which he did not include in the books. So they say that the author slavishly follows the plot of the novels. Saga fans love it Jenny Khan Summer Trilogy, so epochal changes are unlikely. And the end, deep down we all know it, is already written and predictable. But it’s the journey that leads to the epilogue that really matters: while waiting for season 3 to be confirmed, the only thing left to do is enjoy the adventure. Belli, Conrad and Jeremiah at the romantic Cousins ​​Beach.

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