Summertime Barbies, Beyoncé and Taylor Swift Revolutionized the Economy

“Who rules the world? Girls,” Beyoncé sang and was not mistaken at all. Together with her, who managed to raise inflation in Sweden, Taylor Swift became an example for economists, and Barbie became a symbol of the SHE economy. That’s why analysts say the future of the economy belongs to women

While the world’s gender gap will close in 2154, not so close, three women mark a rise this summer SHE economythat is, a female-led economy in which the economic power of women is increasing, influencing all sectors as well as reshaping the economy itself.

Taylor Swift has won everything, her tour will exceed one billion 400 million dollars in fees, setting an absolute record and increasing US GDP; Beyoncé’s announcement of her concert in Stockholm has caused inflation in Sweden and Barbie is crashing at the box office as expected.

Analyst advice? Invest in companies that connect with and are run by women, and companies with responsible policies and support for women’s financial empowerment. You won’t regret it.


At thirty-three, she became the first artist to have four albums in the US Top 10 at the same time, her last 146-stadium Eras tour was sold out, and even the most expensive tickets (they can exceed $3,000) were sold out during the tour. minutes after their online release. The site to buy them, Ticketmaster, even crashed: the company actually trained 1.5 million fans, but found that 15 million were connected.

Each concert sells for $14 million and Eras is projected to raise over $1 billion 400 million, another world record. In addition, the Institute of Common Sense estimated that “Taylor Swift’s entire U.S. tour could generate a total cost of $4.6 billion, more than the GDP of 35 countries.”

The numbers he writes Talk“caused such an uproar that even economists of the caliber of Nobel laureate Paul Krugman spoke out about it.”

And it doesn’t end there. Swift, in addition to singing and being a manager, is also known for her generosity. Whether it’s marketing or really his good heart that many vouch for, the artist recently issued a check for $100,000 to every trucker who toured the United States with equipment and supplies for his tour. transport companies that accompanied the singer.


Beyoncé, or Queen B, icon revenge pop before Shakira, Selena Gomez and Miley Cyrus (but not Swift, who also has this primacy) is a symbol of an independent woman, despite a bulky (and unfaithful) husband like Jay-Z.

At this year’s Grammys, with 5 wins to bring her Grammy total to 32, she became the most awarded female artist of all time, and also confirmed herself as the Queen of Rights in her acceptance speech directed specifically at the LGBTQ+ community.

But the news that makes her talk about the economy concerns the announcement of her new world tour. In fact, in June, all she had to say was that she would be staying in Stockholm to cause a spike in hotel and restaurant prices in the Swedish capital, resulting in higher-than-expected inflation in the country. This was stated by economists at Danske Bank, Denmark’s main bank.


Finally, her. Barbie, summer 2023 character. But above all, the film’s director Greta Gerwig and producer and actress Margot Robbie. As he writes Complete“It’s not just a pop culture phenomenon: it’s a sign of the rise SHE economy“.

And so she’s also a symbol of the woman who doesn’t hate men, but is emotionally and financially independent of Ken, who can buy a house or a car without needing Ken Sugar Daddy, who has (thankfully) disappeared from Mattel production. .

The film, hailed as a success, was renamed “Barbillion” less than three weeks after its release because its worldwide gross exceeded one billion, making Gerwig the first woman in film history to make a film above that figure.


According to analysts Completethis revolution should not be underestimated by companies – and not only those involved in fashion or beauty, but also those providing mortgages, healthcare and financial services – or investors.

With more and more educated, single, career-oriented women with more purchasing power, analysts predict that female-controlled global wealth will increase significantly. If today we are talking about more than 10 billion dollars in the United States alone, then in the next decade it is expected to triple.

In fact, despite the strong disparity between loans given to men and women, the latter, with their startups or companies, are making the numbers: “Just think of Kim Kardashian with her $4 billion shapewear line Skims in the US or Kieran. Biocon Biologics worth $6 billion Mazumdar Show in India.”

These are just a few of the well-known success stories of job creation, new trends and the changing business landscape, but analysts say the number is set to grow.

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