Sunday as a tourist Movie star walks through the village between shops and culture

The city of Leonardo has fascinated Hollywood actors. Or so it seems, judging by the latest international star who came to the Leonardiano Museum to shop and taste the delicacies of the local cuisine. After all, following Leonardo DiCaprio and Tobey Maguire, Jennifer Garner, the unforgettable protagonist of the early 2000s cult series The Spy and the heroine of other blockbusters such as Elektra and Pearl Harbor, arrived in Vinci on Sunday, or received critical acclaim as “ Dallas Buyers Club. On her Vintian day, the ex-wife of actor and director Ben Affleck was accompanied by several friends. Wearing a wide-brimmed sunhat and comfortable walking sandals, Garner visited the Leonardo Museum and then strolled through the streets of the historic center before stopping by La Torretta restaurant. The 51-year-old action and rom-com actress, and now film producer, made her way to Pro Loco’s “I Tesori di Vinci” store, strategically located in front of the museum and a perfect showcase. locally produced food and wine. With the help of Niccolò Di Vilio, a volunteer at work who recognized her as soon as she entered the store, Jennifer Garner looked around a bit and finally walked out with two bottles of rosé. But not only Vinci’s treasures enjoyed the sympathy of Jennifer, who also went shopping at Bottega dei Maestri, captivating the owner Rachel with her charm, who called her “beautiful and very sweet.” Mayor Torcia, on the other hand, was unable to meet her.

“I was warned about her arrival,” says Giuseppe Torchia, “when she had already left. However, I am very glad that these world-famous American artists come to see our city and get to know the places of Leonardo. This gives us hope for further strengthening of the flow of tourists from the US. And that means in any case that our promotion policy is going well.”


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