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In late January 2001, It’s very cold on the coast of Malibu.and tina knowlesDestiny Child’s official costume designer, has sharp scissors and “He’s been cutting fabric” their minimalist clothing.This Is How Beyoncé, Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland Survive During ‘Survivor’ Video Clip Filming one of the hardest things in his career. They were sick for days… ‘We basically had pneumonia’ Twenty years later, Williams admitted as much.

Although they originally wanted to title their debut album the trio “Mujeres Independientes”, they eventually changed their minds. More appropriately “Survivor”. Not only because they wanted to convey a message through the lyrics of the single, which is also the title of the single. also because Three Destiny’s Children They become the real survivors during the filming of the video clip. No one knows better than them what they go through during and after performing in front of the camera: The real test.

“Survivor” was recorded January 27-29, 2001, at various locations in Los Angeles County (California).The interior scenes were shot in the central studio, the exterior scenes in the Point Dume Beach on the Malibu Coastand the Historic Arboretum in Arcadia. That’s where Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, and the rest of the team traveled. Director Darren Grant (responsible for the group’s other cuts such as “No, No, No (part 1)”, “Bills”, “Bills”, “Bills” or “Bug a Boo”).

Doom (Malibu) / Adam Mustafa

Three survivors on a deserted island.Three women surprised by storm at sea while sailing a small inflatable boatand become in castaways.They show up on the beach in rags from somewhere in the south pacific. His battle for survival begins here. “I’m a survivor, I’m not going to stop, I’m going to work hard, I’m going to succeed, I’m going to survive,” they sing.

Finally, a helicopter came to their rescue. Apparently, the clipped image shows, It’s a sunny environment with a very pleasant temperature. Nothing could be further from the truth.In the MTV documentary “Making Video,” the girls admit that they had “One of the most difficult videos” they’ve ever made. They guarantee:We are true survivors. “ because that morning The weather conditions were not at all like summer…it was cold.

Beyoncé explained on MTV: “‘Survivor’ is basically about overcome different situations.Everyone I know has been through something and I know this song is definitely inspirational, It makes you feel stronger, makes you feel powerful and you can overcome anything. “ He added, “Video ‘Survivor’ This is the child of destiny who survives on a deserted island. “

Beyonce Knowles, 2001. / dave hogan

20 years later, michelle williams In an interview with “Good Morning America,” they revealed why “Survivor” was one of the most difficult videos they’ve ever made.and Not just because of the cold when shooting, sometimes wet, on the beach or in a waterfall.return their little costumes influenced. Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, is the group’s official costume designer. Their clothes were often of her own making.

As Michelle told the ABC show, “After that, we were sick for days…’. and continued. “(In the video) it looks like it’s hot in there, but it’s actually cold. ’ He added:no cloth. Miss Tina (beyoncé’s mom) keeps cutting her…it’s like “Where is the cloth that cut it?”. “basically, we got pneumonia back. We survived that video. “

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