Sydney Sweeney, the new underwear shots of the Euphoria star ignite social networks (PHOTOS)

Golden period for the young actress Sydney Sweeney, who at just 25 is establishing himself as one of the most loved new faces by the public. Thanks above all to the part of Cassie Howard in the series Euphoriabut in the future we will also see her debut in the world of cinecomics thanks to a co-protagonist role in Madame Web.

In the meantime, however, the actress also continues her modeling work and does so by showing fans a new collection swimwear designed for her by Frankie Bikinisa well-known brand that has taken the limelight even more thanks to the pink bathing suit worn by Sweeney in an episode of the second season (the one in the image).

From there it seems that a collaboration between Sydney Sweeney and the US fashion house was born and now the fruits are being seen: through Instagram, she showed fans three costumes, all different from each other, but magnificent to highlight the actress’s physique. In particular, fans are raving about the shot of her with a white triangle top and a bridal veil.

The shots and the costumes flaunted are part of the collection Love Lettersdefined by the founder of Frankies Bikinis, Francesca Aiello, «the most romantic made so far»:

Get inspired from Sydney’s aura and femininity, the pieces are filled with so many personal and intricate details. Bringing this collection to life and shooting the videos in a castle in Rome is something I will cherish forever.


The collection will be available in the coming weeks. After admiring her in Euphoria and in the first season of The White Lotuswe will instead review the actress in Madame Web in the role of Julia Carpenter aka Spider-Woman. A role you thought it would fall to Emma Robertsbut instead it will be the new star and sexy icon of cinema to bring it to the big screen.

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