Syncytial virus attacks teenagers – Contact details

Southern Tamaulipas

It is a major cause of respiratory illness, usually causing the common cold, but sometimes infects the lungs and respiratory tract, causing respiratory problems.

Altamira, Tamaulipas. – Dr. Sergio Valdez Trujillo reports that respiratory syncytial virus is still present in the southern region of Tamaulipas, but now it affects minors between the ages of 12 years.

The president of the Altamira Health Council claimed that this condition had previously only occurred in children under one year old.

However, changes to the virus mean it has now been recorded in babies under 12 years old.

Also known as RSV, it is one of the leading causes of respiratory illness in children and usually causes the common cold, but sometimes it can infect the lungs and airways and can cause breathing problems.

Doctors urge people to take care of themselves and minors should avoid health problems at home.

Regarding the coronavirus, Valdez Trujillo noted that it is still present, but acknowledged that the number of cases is unknown because testing is no longer conducted.

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