Syracuse, Tonino Accola Award winners are Erica Di Cristofaro and Filippo Corazza

The winners of the eighth edition of the Tonino Accola Prize are self-nominated Erica Di Cristofaro for female voice and Filippo Corazza from the Voice Art Dub School for male voice.

After counting the preferences expressed by Carlo Cosolo, Simone D’Andrea, Margherita De Risi, Emanuela Rossi, Lorenzo Accola and the technical jury, at the end of an evening full of music, entertainment and interviews, a unanimous verdict was announced. Carlo Cosolo presided.

The press jury, chaired by Gianni Riotta, voted for one of the six candidates participating in the inevitable contest, and chose Stefano Principe, the self-candidate.

“Once again this year with the Tonino Accola Award, Voice Over has made it possible to reward the talents of these young promises from the world of cinema. Stefania Altavilla, artistic director of the festival and president of Arca, said – All our encouragement to move forward goes to him. It is our pleasure and gratitude to the winners, who are given the opportunity to bag their first job contract as a voice actor, for making this event possible.”

Once again this year the festival, which took place in Piazza Minerva on the evening of Friday and Saturday, 23 and 24 June, ended with the applause of an attentive and happy public, able to appreciate the different moments of the show and entertainment . Thanks to the presence not only of the most famous “double actors” – such as Emmanuela Rossi, Simone D’Andrea, Margherita De Risi, Carlo Cosolo – but also of authoritative personalities such as Gianni Riotta, journalist, writer, columnist for La Repubblica Thank you. ,

“The Tonino Accola Award remains unique and original – Present at the final evening of the festival, Fabio Granata, the cultural advisor, announced – Also because it is strongly linked between the city’s tradition, theater and word art. Thanks to the organisers, to Stefania Altavilla and special thanks to journalist and writer Gianni Riota (Palermo) this year, an example of journalism where words find a perfect balance, thanks to their impeccable style that we are proud of as Sicilians . who is filled with pride”.

Riota spoke about the role of the journalist during a dialogue with actor and presenter Rosario Terranova, and underlined how “it is important that this profession remains free” and away from the risk of misinformation. He advised Gianni Riotta to always use the site to verify the authenticity of news.

Gianni Riotta was awarded the Italian Journalism Excellence Award.
The music of Alessandro Farro – a composer from Catania who has written many soundtracks for cinema, such as for Poli oposti by Max Croci – and Peppe Peralta on ukulele, offered moments of rare emotion throughout the program, as did Francesco Nuti. Tribute to , who died a few days earlier and to whom memorable scenes from the films have been dedicated, with the background of a poignant “Per Te”, which Nuti dedicated to her daughter, and which Farro performed with great enthusiasm and skill explained with And last evening notes from Francesco Faro and Pepe Peralta punctuated various moments of the show, recalling ancient soundtracks like The Godfather.

At the beginning of the evening was important and fundamental the participation of Daniele Mauceri, a descendant of the Mauceri/Vaccaro family, the ancient Syracusan puppeteers who staged their characters – Romeo and Juliet, but in a film version – as Margherita de Risi. was dubbed by and Simone D’Andrea. “a feeling – Mauceri then commented – For the first time my puppets are speaking through the voices of the real dubbers.

Music & Entertainment, Awards and Interviews characterized this eighth edition of “Voice Over”, thanks to the direction of Giulia Galati and the two presenters/actors, Rosella Leon and Rosario Terranova.

All the most evocative moments of the two evenings were dedicated to Tonino Accola, who inspired the award desired by Arca, the Renaissance Archimedeo Association – headed by Stefania Altavilla – thanks to the presence on stage and also among the jury members of the technical jury, Lorenzo Accola, Son of the legendary Syracuse voice actor.

The awards, precious jewels and sculptures, were made by Stefania and Marilena Midolo for the “Midolo Gioeli” and by the sculptor Pietro Marchese. The winners’ awards were created by architect/designer, Lara Grana

Simone D’Andrea (voices of Colin Farrell and Matt Damon) and Margherita de Risi (Elle Fanning, Selena Gomez, Isabella Moner) received the Male Voice and Female Voice Excellence Awards; A special mention, the Tonino Accola Lifetime Achievement Award for dubbing direction, was given to Carlo Cosolo.

A special award for dubbing school was given to Voice Art Dub.

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