Sziget Festival, Baby Queen: “For the first time, I faced guilt”

Baby Queen is one of the main characters of the fourth day of Sziget Festival 2023. We interviewed the singer, who told us about the birth of the album and the guilt of leaving South Africa to make music: “This is the first time I’ve encountered these feelings”

From the opening act Olivia Rodrigo soon to release the first album quarter life crisis, Baby Queen is one of the fastest growing young artists of the moment. The American singer will take the stage at Mastercard’s FreeDome on this fourth day of the festival. Sziget Festival 2023 (PHOTO). A few hours before the start of the concert, we interviewed the artist, who told us about the birth of the disc and what he would say to his young self, who left South Africa at the age of eighteen to fulfill his dream of music.

baby queen: from sziget performance to album about quarter-life crisis

Very young, but already with a career longer than he started. baby queen, grade 1997, is one of the main characters of the music festival, which attracts hundreds of thousands of people from all over the world. We interviewed the singer.

Let’s start from here, ready for the Sziget stage?

I’m very excited, it’s a huge festival, I hope everything goes well, I’m worried.

What would you like people to take home from your concert?

In my music, lyrics have always been at the center of attention, so I would like people to have a personal experience through my words, but above all through a variety show. A bit of a messy show.



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You will release an album in October quarter life crisiswhat should we expect?

This is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. Making the record was hard personal work, every song has meaning and is a part of my life. Every word in its place. Different themes and sounds, I can’t say more.

How was the creation process?

Absolutely terrible, I hated it. I don’t understand people who say they enjoyed the experience, I was traumatized for several months. I told myself that it wasn’t good enough and that there weren’t enough songs, but in the end I did it and it was great.

Is there a song on the album that you like the most?

Two because they both talk about me in new ways. I have always looked to the future and never to the past. At eighteen, I left South Africa to become a musician, feeling guilty about leaving my family behind. This is the first time I’ve experienced these feelings.



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What would you say to that girl who left South Africa with guilt?

After I left, I realized that there is no future for me there, so I will tell her that I did the right thing, and I will be very proud of her for continuing to believe in herself.

What about you in the future?

Maybe I would tell her to stop getting up in the afternoon and be surrounded by decent people.



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