Such was the inevitable love story of Grupo Milenio.

The Weeknd aka Abel Tesfayehas had a successful career in the music industry, releasing exciting albums. the essence of seduction and sadness unequally. About music imbued with complex emotions and deep lyrics, this resonated with thousands of fans All over the world. But, curiously, her … Read more

“Finally I’m OK” | Vanity Fair Italy

A few days ago, a twenty-eight year old boy Gigi Hadid announced on social media that his sister Bella, aged 26, was recovering from a long and intensive period of treatment for Lyme disease., i’m worried of bacterial origin, which she was given in 2012. … Read more

what is lyme disease?

Bella Hadid returned to Instagram after a long social media hiatus, celebrated by fans and Gigi Hadid’s sister. Forced absence: 26-year-old model really had to go through an intensive period of treatment Lyme diseasea disorder he has been suffering from since 2012 and is also … Read more

Kendall Jenner at Coachella for boyfriend Bad Bunny

Kendall Jenner she appeared at Coachella on the occasion of the performance of Bad bunnyto whom it is said she has been linked for several weeks. Although I tried not to attract too much attention, Kendall was immortalized dancing in the crowd to the tune … Read more