“I haven’t had a drink in 10 months”

Since I was born in 1996, Bella Hadid he is not one iota of Generation Z, but represents their ambitions and fears, horizons and limitations, which often find expression in social networks, where young people are reflected in the screens of their smartphones and in their anxieties. But when the over-exposure is high, expectations are unrealistic, and public stigma is brutal, sometimes it becomes necessary to take a break and take some time for yourself. The 53 million-follower top model, who has scaled back her Instagram presence in recent months, is well aware of this, preferring to focus on work and her physical and mental health. Two days ago the model returned to Instagram to talk about a healthy lifestyle and share the news with her fans.after last February in a TikTok video he wanted to share some reflections on his morning anxiety with his followers.

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Bella Hadid returns to Instagram: “I haven’t had a drink in 10 months”

“I struggle with my anxiety so much and I’m literally just human,” the influential woman who just woke up from her bed bitterly confessed, “I don’t feel able to deal with (anxiety) 99% of the time. But there’s another 1%, and sometimes it’s worth it.” Bella’s anxiety and depression problems began in 2012 when she was diagnosed with Lyme disease, a highly disabling condition caused by a tick bite that causes joint and heart problems, as well as neurological complications such as facial paralysis. The discovery of this terrible disorder, which she has lived with since adolescence and which she shares with her mother Yolanda and brother Anwar, was traumatic and deeply affected her daily life.

Added to these problems was a diagnosis of attention disorder, which caused her to tell herself US Vogue she would be given a drug that causes anorexia and in a short time he dragged her into a maelstrom of anorexia. Concomitant depression and collapse of self-esteem “I was the ugly sister, I had dark hair, and I wasn’t as cool and extraordinary as Gigi,” which prompted her, at the age of just 14, to get cosmetic surgery on her nose that she would later regret, Bella. Hadid has endured many hardships, which led her to abuse alcohol.

However, Bella has been dealing with her mental health for months, as evidenced by a shot of her finally smiling at the grocery store as she buys a vitamin supplement in favor of Dry July, the foundation’s annual campaign. of the same name, which encourages people to abstain from alcohol throughout July to raise money to support people with cancer. Bella accepted this challenge a long time ago because, as she wants to emphasize, she was completely sober for almost a year. “I am so proud of everyone who makes Dry July,” she writes in the post. “With Keene (a drink used as a supplement) and a lot of self-love, I’m almost 10 months without alcohol! I am so proud of anyone who discovers their sobriety, or anyone who has the courage to open their minds to Dry July!” A very positive message for a supermodel who confesses, “I just want to smile and cheer myself up.” A sign that perhaps the darkest period is finally behind us.

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