Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ star-studded inner circle includes famous names like Taylor Swift and Hugh Jackman.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds (Instagram) According to the American magazine, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds’ inner circle consists of an impressive list of celebrities, from Taylor Swift and Gigi Hadid to Hugh Jackman and Sandra Bullock. This friendship has evolved over the years, with … Read more

Everyone is crazy about Blake Lively

If there’s one thing Blake and Ryan have been able to do over the years, it’s debunking the image of the perfect Hollywood couplewhich makes for a much more casual but definitely more exciting experience. A couple who knows how to laugh together, as well … Read more

the best of the 90s and 2000s in streaming

streaming platforms I am the TV of the future. But also from the past. Netflix in the first place, but best video now AND Disney+ – turn out to be a goldmine for nostalgic series: not even a month passes, as old acquaintances emerge among … Read more