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streaming platforms I am the TV of the future. But also from the past. Netflix in the first place, but best video now AND Disney+ – turn out to be a goldmine for nostalgic series: not even a month passes, as old acquaintances emerge among the new products, that is, some of the most beloved series. Here are the “new” old games that you can see and watch until the very end.

Paso Adelante

One two Three! Let’s Dance! I haven’t slept since August 1st Netflix all six seasons Paso Adelante: the famous Spanish series that made millions of viewers around the world dance on the couch. The story isn’t exactly an Oscar-winning masterpiece (really…), but it’s colorful, joyful, and daring enough to give you a few healthy hours of relaxation. super teen version They will be famous, Paso Adelante tells about the life, love and choreography of a group of dancers from Madrid who dream of entering the world of dance. The cast also Monica Cruz: younger sister Penelope Cruz. Here she plays the talented dancer Sylvia.


In the heart of everyone there is a piece of the Orange country. And not only because such a fashionable place has not yet been in teenage series. To win os there were many: the existential redemption of Ryan, a “violent” boy who is adopted by wealthy lawyer Sandy Cohen; his romance with Marissa Cooper; the brotherly friendship that binds him to his adoptive brother Seth, and then the latter’s tender courtship of his eternal friend (at least initially…) Leto. Almost all of their interpreters also made their way: the main character Ben McKenzie entered the world of Batman by playing a young detective Gordon in the series Gotham; Adam Brody he was among the co-stars of the successful series Fleishman in pieces and from the movie Shazam!Bye Rachel Bislon he has his own series i.e. Hart Dixie.


It has been tried to be emulated, complete with a reboot, but the original remains unsurpassed. Impartial advice: look at Netflix. Let’s start with the fact that it will be a feast for the eyes: the views of the main characters are breathtaking no less (and maybe more) than their colleagues from Sex in the city. In addition, this story has a good mix of drama, mystery and series. The main characters are actually a group of wealthy American descendants who live on the Upper East Side. The most famous girl in school, Blair; her friend Serena, a charming blonde; the mutual love interest of Nate, the evil Chuck, and the outsider Dane. But above all she: Gossip Girl. An anonymous gossip who informs students about “the scandalous life of Manhattan” from her blog. His identity is one of the series’ greatest mysteries (but it will be revealed at the end, don’t worry…). The myth was also born from this series Blake Lively: Gossip he really sanctified it.


However, nostalgia also speaks Italian. After MI read in the family (yes, you can also find streaming), i Cesaroni, with the first three seasons. Then we can return to the legendary Garbatella district in Rome, which has actually seen growth (artistically) Alessandra Mastronardi. OUR Cesaroni it was actually the series that launched her, while still very young, onto television. Here she plays Eve: the eldest daughter of Lucia Liguori (Elena Sofia Ricci). As (additionally) known, ours will eventually fall in love with her half-brother Marco Cesaroni (Matthew Branciamore), causing quite a stir in their new extended family. In the cast, obviously, Claudio Amendola, who is also the father of Cesarone, and his friends also stand out. lUdoviko Fremont, Antonello Fassari and Max Tortora, respectively as Marco’s friend, Cesare’s brother, and Ezio the mechanic, friend of Giulio Cesarone.


I’ll be there for you. More precisely on Netflix AND Prime Video. Here you can really restore Friends, a cult series that aired from 1994 to 2004. Ten years of laughter, as many TV seasons that have entertained generations. The story is known: Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler and Joey are a group of Americans in their thirties living in America. They dream of great love, a good job and their own home. At this point, they actually share it: Rachel shares an apartment with aspiring chef Monica, masseuse and singer-songwriter Phoebe, and Ross lives with aspiring actor Joey and longtime friend Chandler. Of course, love immediately knocks on their door: between Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) and Ross (David Schwimmer) will be a solid push and pull, but Monica (Courteney Cox) and Chandler (Matthew Perry) will fall under Cupid’s arrows. Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow) and Joey (Matt LeBlanc) are instead free hitters, i.e. loners who are delegated comic counterpoint. The series is adorned with numerous cameos, such as the epic Brad Pittat the time still engaged to Jennifer Aniston. Ah, damn nostalgia…

Sex and the city

If you follow …and just like thatand you’re from the party “cute but Sex and the city there was something else”, well, you can catch up in all six seasons Sex and the city on Now. The Sky platform re-offers box sets of the famous series, the same one that covered sex and orgasms on TV in the 90s, celebrated Mr. Big (and also Manolo Blahnikov) and saw Sarah Jessica Parker share the set with Kim cattrall. Today it seems like science fiction… The two actresses have ended their relationship since 2017 and have been carefully avoiding each other ever since. Just think what to record a mini cameo in …and just like that2, Cattrall pretended that there were no other colleagues on the set. A true drama queen…


Lost it was unquestionably the most watched, talked about, and discussed series of the early 2000s, as well as the most mysterious. In fact, the ending is still a mystery: everyone interprets it a little differently. Result: The cult left a bad taste in my mouth. However, it is still worth returning the mythical 815 airliner and crashing again on the Lost Island, full of mysteries and hidden dangers. As you remember, the story tells about the battle for survival of 48 passengers who survived the crash. In the cast, the future heroine stands out Marvel Evangeline Lilly (Ant-Man and the Wasp) Matthew Fox (who is also tired of Lost …), future vampire Yam Somerhalder (The Vampire Diaries) and huge Terry O’Quinn.

Prince of Bel Air

Here we are in the over-guaranteed zone of laughter. sitcom The Prince of Beverly Hills it’s nothing short of fun and you can see it again on the platform Now across the sky The main character is a very young man. Will Smith as Will: A young rapper who crashes into his wealthy uncles’ house in Bel Air, California in the “inland” area. Obviously, this will disrupt their quiet routine, between tricks, jokes, politically incorrect jokes. The series was a huge success in the 90s, so much so that it was compared in success and irony to the cult like Robinsons. The popularity was such that the episodes were filled with guest stars: among them Ofra Winfrey, Naomi Campbell and even… Donald Trump! The series is dedicated to Will Smith: After Prince of Bel Air made a movie Six steps of separationand then success independence Day, Men in Black AND Enemy of the state.

Unattractive Betty

In the beginning—before body shaming was born—she was: Unattractive Betty. The first irresistible “ugly” TV. If you do not understand what we are talking about, be sure to find the title on Disney+ because it is a pearl of intelligence and laughter. Spanish series adaptation Betty la FeaYou see America Ferrara put on the obviously inappropriate shoes Betty: a young Mexican girl who manages to get a job in a prestigious fashion editorial office. At first, no one listens to her: she is too ugly, not at all in fashion, and even with suspenders. Ours will be able to declare themselves, having won even love. Thus, in one fell swoop, he breaks stereotypes about gender, race and social class, and also finds time to study the issue of immigration and sexual orientation. Not bad, right? Little gem: Ferrara is also in the movie Barbie. She plays mom Gloria, whose monologue has already gone viral. What to say? The circle closes.

Real blood

If you love fantasy and vampire stories (well done), there’s only one link title: Real blood. The first season is available again on the platform Now and it’s a little gem. There are three main characters: the blonde Sookie, who is played by Anna Paquin, “good” vampire Bill and “bad” Eric. We use quotation marks because the coming seasons have plenty of twists and turns and not everything is as it seems. Obviously at the center of the story is a love triangle – and a big one too – between these three, but the series goes way beyond a romantic comedy about vampires: we’re talking about social integration, racism, capitalism, thanks to the dystopian backdrop. In fact, vampires and humans are supposed to be able to live peacefully with each other thanks to the invention of synthetic blood: the real blood of the title. Small note: as Eric is Alexander Skarsgard in dazzling form (not that the opponent Stephen Moyer it’s bad, really…).

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