Billie Eilish attended Halloween Horror Nights in Los Angeles… two days after she explained she ‘couldn’t be more lonely right now’

Katherine Stinson for Dailymail.Com 00:00 21 Oct 2023, updated 00:04 21 Oct 2023 Billie Eilish looked ready for the spooky season on Thursday night as she attended Halloween Horror Nights at Universal Studios in Los Angeles. The 21-year-old singer wore a black sleeveless T-shirt with … Read more

Billie Eilish says her 2019 hit Bad Guy is “like the stupidest song in the world” but is also “really good.”

The 21-year-old singer appeared alongside her 26-year-old brother Finneas O’Connell on Jimmy Kimmel Live. Jimmy asked if there was any song that made them feel uncomfortable or, as Billie put it, “cringe a little.” “Well, objectively, Bad Guy is the dumbest song in the world,” … Read more

Billie Eilish made her acting debut on the TV series Swarm

After achieving success as a singer, becoming one of the most famous artists in the world, Billie Eilish she is poised to conquer the acting world as well. The singer of “Lovely” And “Bad guyshe made her acting debut in an episode of SwarmDonald Glover’s … Read more

Billie Eilish and boyfriend at the 2023 Oscars party

Billie Eilish And Jesse Rutherford attended the party that followed the Oscars 2023 parading together on the red carpet of the event hand in hand, more in love and united than ever. Although the love story between the two artists (born in October 2022) has … Read more

Billie Eilish has deleted all social media apps from her phone

Axelle/Bauer-GriffinGetty Images Despite the 110 million followers on Instagram, Billie Eilish she admitted to having deleted all the social apps from her mobile, freeing herself from the obsession of being constantly updated on the lives of others. “I don’t look at my phone anymore,” she … Read more