Britney Spears “absolutely hated” her role as a judge on X Factor USA as she admitted she had severe stage fright and tried her best to act “skeptical for eight hours straight”.

Britney Spears has revealed that she “absolutely hated” her time as a judge on The X Factor USA when she appeared on the show in 2012. Singer Britney, 41, has signed up to star in the show’s second series alongside Demi Lovato, with the pair … Read more

Nicole Scherzinger recalls the humiliating moment her tight catsuit ripped at the crotch in front of teenage Justin Bieber, just seconds before her live performance on The X Factor

Nicole Scherzinger recalls the moment she was left mortified when her tight catsuit ripped in front of teenage Justin Bieber just moments before performing on The X Factor in 2010. The 45-year-old singer, who was a guest judge on the show that year and then … Read more