Maria Pombo and Georgina Rodriguez have a favorite pink manicure (this is a trend for this tone)

Did you see all the details on Martha Pombo’s boat this weekend? All the attractions are focused on her and her husband Luis Zamagloa, even her husband Maria Pombo, too, enough to say. The “influencer” is very beautiful in a sheer dress that got a lot of comments (and we’ve probably met many at Pull … Read more

Georgina Rodriguez teaches mind-blowing games to her children at her home in Saudi Arabia.

The expanded collection of bags and backpacks, exclusive trips on board a private jet and seaside holidays in its millionaire allow us to learn enough about the people who live in it. Georgina Rodriguez and Cristiano Ronaldo. A few months ago the team left Madrid and, on the account of the footballer of the Asian … Read more

enjoy football with your children

Spending quality time with family is fundamental. Georgina Rodriguez and our company makes this very clear in our publications in red. The ‘influencer’ has no qualms about showing off his romantic quotes with Cristiano Ronaldo (all to avoid the fuss) and funny airplanes made right after five children. In the middle of our busy life … Read more

Georgina Rodriguez remembers one of her most special tattoos in honor of her family

Through your “reality” and your social actions, Georgina Rodriguez He showed us his full life as a man, in which he has an extensive collection of bags, bags and joys, as well as traveling to incredible places on board his private jet. Although the most popular and natural joke of the “influencer” is also present … Read more

Everything you know about Lindsay Lohan’s new project inspired by the Malas girls

There are films that, without even asking for it or demanding it, end up marking an entire generation, becoming an icon and sometimes a role model. Reunite the bikers with Grease, the Titanic soundtrack playing on thousands of songs or going red-shaded to a reinterpretation of Julia Roberts’ dress in Pretty Woman. From one form … Read more