Penelope Cruz’s tall GEOX bottles now cost 56 euros.

This year we’re playing the Amazon bid game.. Two days of jewels of care, truth, and selling without comparing things day after day is that we leave so many miracles of famous brands at the price of a mega prize that I cannot stop sharing them.

You owe it to me and you owe it to me because I feel obligated to say that the tall black Geox signature flat button that Penelope Cruz is holding is out of style. from 149.99 euros to 56.57 euros. And I try to stay calm, very calm. And as long as you support him.

But I’m VERY HARD, I want to calm down. Because, to be honest, at this point we might start to think that this high-quality black model from the GEOX brand is generally not sold at this price anywhere that we admire. Y menos on Amazon, Pues ahi, the holiday of precious things is a holiday of miracles. And that’s why we can take our minds off the wardrobe.

Yo lo hago a lot, mand I take the things on my head into the wardrobe and present them with a short skirt or a leather-effect dress, with a medium or wide skirtwith a loose shirt or a stitched dress, I imagine you wearing rib pants, sweatpants and a trench coat.

It’s easy for me to turn it on, yeah I’m the one who chose Penelope Cruz, so I might want to wear them for a classy look. how is she.

And with your hands, but with the key of the key These bottles are from Geox, reduced from €149.99 to €56.57 on Amazon and Fiesta.

Penelope Cruz’s look with Geox

High Geox Botas de Penelope Cruz

Courtesy of GEOX

High buttons GEOX

Geox Botas Altas Negras

Tall black buttons.

Geox Botas Altas Negras

Now 62% discount

Credit: Amazon

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