Flat Bush Murder: Trial begins for Hells Angels member Andrew Lamositelle-Brown accused of murdering Petau Petau

With longtime friend Andrew Lamositela-Brown dead in the hallway, police surrounding his South Auckland home and his terrified partner and children barricaded upstairs, a police negotiator asked him a simple question: what’s going on up there? “What’s really going on is he’s been fucking the … Read more

Makeup for red hair: divas lead the way

Rome, September 27, 2023 – Red hair is a unique and distinctive personality trait. Once the target of discrimination and prejudice, they have recently been cleared through customs and today represent an added value and element of beauty. Star like Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, Jessica … Read more

Deeply silly “Expend4bles” borders on self-parody

Katie Walsh | Tribune News Service Back in 2010, Sylvester Stallone created the mother of all weirdo teasers in The Expendables, bringing all the action stars into one movie as if they were Pokemon—you gotta catch ’em all. Since then, our favorite monuments to masculinity … Read more