The 2023 Simpatia della Calabria Award will take place on Friday 29 September.

Calabria Sympathy AwardIt will take place on Friday, September 29, 2023, from 18:30, at the Sporting Stelle del Sud, c.da Armacà snc, Reggio Calabria, in Sympathy Award Calabria, 2023 edition The Class of 2023 will honor:– The magnificent rector of the Sapienza University of Rome, … Read more

Morricone’s discovery. At the Rome Theater of Fiesole, a performance by a symphony orchestra dedicated to the great composer. Directed by Giacomo Loprieno

“The Discovery of Morricone” is the performance that the Ensemble Symphony Orchestra, conducted by maestro Giacomo Loprieno, presents on Tuesday, September 12, at the Teatro Fiesole in Rome (Florence, 21:00) as part of Fiesolana Summer 2023. Tickets (34.50 euros and 25.30 euros) can be purchased … Read more