Fofos! Zendaya and Tom Holland head to London – 09/10/2023

Pombinhos! Home to Hollywood, Zendaya and Tom Holland were caught by our dads as we walked into West London last Sunday the 8th. While Zendaya, 27, wore a short cinnamon mole, high heels and Nike tennis shoes, Tom, also 27, sported a blue Marinho mole, … Read more

Among critics in the red, “famous” spoke out in defense of Kimberly Loayza

POR Edison Gonzalez | July 20, 2023, 7:30 p.m. Several days have passed, model and participant Dancing with the StarsKimberly Loaiza has been criticized by whites in social circles because of her peers; In this regard, some “famous” models defend this model. The interviews confirmed … Read more

Katia Aveiro posts information about the “family” and comments from Georgina Rodriguez

TOAtia Aveiro just celebrated her fifth anniversary, turning 5 and living for 46 years. After Cristiano Ronaldo, you found the opportunity to reflect on the importance of family, who was born, who “taught” you. “Beware of the blood family that God hears for us. And … Read more

Georgina Rodriguez as a French girl in Portugal? This is what I know

WITHBefore Georgina Rodriguez went on a trip yesterday and a photo taken in social circles raised suspicions about whether the model might one day be born in Portugal. The restaurant Taberna Londrina, designed as a traditional dish of the French northerners, publishes an image of … Read more