BLACKPINK’s Lisa releases new record jamás logrado on popular music platform

Vierne, October 20, 2023 19:53 BLACKPINK’s Lisa is 26 years old. Photo: Allkpop BLACKPINK’s Lisa becomes a K-pop soloist, quickly surpassing 1,800 million streams on Spotify. Lalisa ManobanKnown by her artistic name Lisa, she is a Thai rapper, model, singer and dancer. She is an … Read more

Blinks are happy to know that BLACKPINK’s LISA debuted as an actress when she was a little girl (PHOTOS)

BLACKPINK’s Lisa is 26 years old. Photo: Instagram They reveal images that confirm that BLACKPINK’s Lisa is a full-fledged artist with experience as an actress, dancer, rapper, and singer. The information about the Thai artist that has now been discovered has caused a great resonance … Read more

BLACKPINK member’s “Money” surpasses BTS’ “Butter” on YouTube

Mercoles, October 18, 2023 15:49 Lisa from BLACKPINK and BTS. Photo: Instagram BLACKPINK’s LISA continues to show that she is one of the most popular artists of the decade. ‘Money’ This is one of the greatest successes in the world BLACKPINK’s Lisa ru ‘LALISA’, a … Read more

BLACKPINK’s Lisa thrills fans by posting photos of her girlfriend

Monday, September 25, 2023, 1:24 pm BLACKPINK’s Lisa is 26 years old. Photo: Instagram BLACKPINK member gets into social media heat for her sensual pledge Lalisa Manobanalso known Lisa BLACKPINK, is one of the most popular artists in the K-pop industry worldwide. Therefore, the girl, … Read more

Gizakiak eta gizaki ez Diren Horiek | Bisigiro

Frantsian gaishotasun bat zabalzen ari yes. Genetikoki aldaketak Ergiten dituen gaixotasun bat da, ez dakite nola zabaltzen den, Eta batzuei bakarrik Ergiten die. Gaixotasun horrek mutazioak dakartza, pertsonak gizakien et a Animalien arteko izaki bihurtzen dituzten mutazioak. Motel Aldaketa Horiek Hertazen Dira, eta Ezin Dira … Read more

BLACKPINK’s Lisa: Is this love for a K-pop singer?

Saturday, September 16, 2023, 10:35 am BLACKPINK’s Lisa is 26 years old. Photo: Instagram Blackpink’s Lisa is loved as a good fan of a famous K-drama actor. Lalisa Manoban he is a member BLACKPINKone of the most popular girl groups in the industry. k-pop at … Read more

Will Lisa Join BLACKPINK?: Here’s what you know about your contract renewal.

Monday, September 18, 2023, 11:05 pm Will Lisa come to BLACKPINK?: YG Entertainment spoke accordingly. (Photo: Lisa’s Instagram). BLACKPINK could be introducing a big change with one of their members: Lisa. YG Entertainment provides contract renewal details. Lisa she was raised by the company SOUTH … Read more

Tom Holland and Zendaya enter the red zone with photos of arrival at the shelter (PHOTOS)

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Fofos! Zendaya and Tom Holland head to London – 09/10/2023

Pombinhos! Home to Hollywood, Zendaya and Tom Holland were caught by our dads as we walked into West London last Sunday the 8th. While Zendaya, 27, wore a short cinnamon mole, high heels and Nike tennis shoes, Tom, also 27, sported a blue Marinho mole, … Read more

Anne Hathaway said she was celebrating her birthday with her husband Adam Shulman

Oh, love is not an art! Attribute Anne Hathaway ditched her glitz and glamor for her final anniversary and opted for a more intimate moment with her husband Adam Shulman. 40-year-old Anne recently showed an episode of the American program. Late Night with Seth Meyers … Read more