The film will cause controversy between the heroes of Picasso and James Cameron

The classic film, starring Kate Winslet and Leonardo DiCaprio, confused Picasso’s heroes with James Cameron’s. Titanic Chego on film canvases, 1997. Director: James Cameron and starring Kate Winslet AND Leonardo DiCaprio, or longa, if we return to the classics. De Kebra, Ainda Arrekadu asks for … Read more

Amazing footage from the filming of Titanic has emerged 26 years after the hit film took the world by storm.

Harry Howard, historical correspondent 11:55 18 Oct 2023, updated 12:58 18 Oct 2023 Incredible behind-the-scenes photos from the filming of Titanic have emerged 27 years later. The never-before-seen candid photos were taken by an unknown actor from James Cameron’s blockbuster while filming in Mexico in … Read more

Submarine for Titanic, King Charles has a close relationship with one of the missing passengers: “It will be devastated”

Shahzada DaoudPakistani businessman and vice president of a fertilizer company Engrothis is one of passengers on board Submarine went missing with his son. The entrepreneur is known for supporting two royal charities: The Prince’s Trust International and The British Asian Trust. representative Charles III said … Read more