Top 10 Leonardo DiCaprio Movies


Romeo + Juliet

Baz Luhrmann


The image of the face of 22-year-old Leo seeking Claire Danes’ gaze through the aquarium has become pop movie history and probably one of the most romantic scenes that millennials remember. For a generation raised on a whimsical modern adaptation of Shakespeare. To Indeed, Baz Luhrmann, DiCaprio and Claire Danes are real Romeo and Juliet. Maybe the Australian director will nudge his hand a little sometimes, but the chemistry between the two main characters is amazing. And Leo, handsome to the point of absurdity (op. Zoolanders), is the perfect embodiment of Shakespeare’s unfortunate lover. Needless to say, his success here will help lay the groundwork for a Russian breakthrough. Titanic (see below).


Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino


First time director Quentin and immediately cult: in the role of a sadist villains slave owner, DiCaprio is the terrifying and insane heart of a western about Tarantino’s revenge. Calvin Candy is a monster who forces his slaves to fight against each other, a madman for whom human life has no value other than the entertainment of his own kind. But Leo manages to make him oddly affable and even funny due to his fascination with all things French. An overly charismatic psychopath killer who takes the stage with every appearance. A twist important in the career of an actor and support absolutely memorable. Despicable Leo.


Shutter Island

Martin Scorsese


Marty is undoubtedly the director who understood Leo the most and brought him back to us in a thousand shades. They have made six films together since 2002: Gangs of New York, Aviator, Renegades, Shutter Island, The Wolf of Wall Street and last, Flower Moon Assassins. Of course, we could put them all, but then he would become Scorsese’s DiCaprio. And so we chose this very tense noir mystic, with the actor in his most vulnerable role: often there is some kind of obsession at the center of the couple’s films, and here Leo is an investigator investigating the disappearance of a mental hospital prisoner on the island, but when he goes deeper into Deal, his mind plays a cruel joke with him. The star manages to push the story forward and at the same time destroy his character as the story progresses. If it’s not a champion.


Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood

Quentin Tarantino


Tarantino reloaded. No one could embody Quentin’s melancholy declaration of love for a dead Los Angeles and the industry better than DiCaprio and his fading tabloid star Rick Dalton. Leo makes us laugh along with Rick and Rick, but he also makes us hear the cry of pain from those who fear they’re no longer relevant (see the lovely insanity scene on the meta set that feels improvised). And moments from buddy movie between DiCaprio and Brad Pitt (who plays a stuntman and Dalton’s best friend and rightfully won an Oscar for that role) are delightful. Quentin wants an actor to be the protagonist of his film about life (although many haven’t figured it out yet) and Leo always delivers, all the way to the finale, complete with a flamethrower from Tarantino mythology. Boom.


Happy birthday Mr Grape

Lasse Hallström


After his debut on the big screen with Beasts 3 AND Want to start over DiCaprio plays Johnny Depp’s autistic brother alongside Robert De Niro. coming of age Swedish director. What could have been an important event instead becomes delicate and extravagant at the right time, thanks also to the sensitivity of just 19-year-old Leo, who practically had carte blanche on the set to do what he wanted. And, never cloying or cynical in his performance, ours is undoubtedly the best thing about the film, so much so that it received an Oscar nomination. The first in a long series.


try to catch me

Steven Spielberg


Spielberg caught DiCaprio just as he was transforming from a young romantic hero into an actor with a capital A. And it was a very inspiring casting call for Leo to play Frank Abagnale, a real-life con man who had a good life in different states, posing as pilots, lawyers and doctors. It’s a hilarious and wild performance that sees the actor’s face transform from a heartbroken boy when his parents get divorced to an adult who is also a bit tired of the crazy life that he is. hmmbuilt.


Departed – good and evil

Martin Scorsese


Again, under the guidance of his mentor Scorsese, who with this crime thriller (remake hellish deeds 2002) finally wins an Oscar for directing. DiCaprio is a cop who is secretly sent to the mafiosi, and Matt Damon is a mobster who infiltrates the police on behalf of Boston’s Irish boss (the great Jack Nicholson). It’s a very twisted story about cops and robbers, but Marty turns everything into an almost Shakespearean tragedy. And Leo goes crazy in a role with very little charm: a desperate man who is in danger of losing his identity. Giant.


Revenant – Revenant

Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu


Also known as the film in which Leo fights a bear, eats raw bison liver, and, most importantly, wins – finally – an Oscar. V survival drama one of Friends DiCaprio defies the elements as a trapper fighting for his life – with extreme weather, frozen rivers, hostile predators and Tom Hardy, not necessarily in that order – in the very entertaining possible. It’s a very physical performance in which the actor has to transform a character from a wounded survivor into a tireless avenger with little to no voice. If, as the saying goes, “action is character,” then Oscar is in the right hands. Although … see below



James Cameron


Playing Jack, an adventurous third-grade drifter who falls in love – reciprocated, but come on – with Rose, a disillusioned rich girl, Leo conquers everyone and everything, from stardom onwards. Titanic was not only a box office record for decades: it won an Oscar as best picture and, above all, it has become a touchstone of pop culture. A disaster movie who has a huge heart (and not only the precious heart of the ocean) thanks to his two young heroes: it could have been a too sweet apple tree, but instead performances by Leo and Kate Winslet (who became best friends, so much so that we will see them again in a new set Road of change in 2008) are so sincere and tender that it’s impossible not to get sucked into their damned love story. And yes, today there is still debate about whether Jack could have stayed on this damn raft: Mission Complete. And the universally recognized beginning of dicapriomania: Leo is the king of the world.


The wolf of Wall Street

Martin Scorsese


The truth is that DiCaprio should have won an Oscar for this film. And instead, in the fourth nomination, he was beaten by Matthew McConaughey for Dallas Buyers Club (you know, the Academy has a penchant for slightly extreme physical transformations). Let’s hope Wolf it won’t be universally recognized as Martin Scorsese’s best film, but it’s his wildest and most interesting title. And inside, Leo to the nth degree, who shows crazy comedic talent as Jordan Belfort, a Wall Street broker who scammed his clients with Penny Stocks. Scorsese makes this an epic parable of fraud and decay, rock in the purest sense of the word, never lauding the work of the protagonist. And for most of the film, he points the camera at DiCaprio, who, between memorable pep talks and excesses, gives life to a kind of Wall Street Mick Jagger asshole. If it’s not a total actor…

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