Tim Burton and Monica Bellucci make their debut as a couple on the Rome Film Festival red carpet, internet reacts | Look

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory director Tim Burton has gone viral all over the Internet with his viral video of Monica Bellucci, an Italian actress and model. The duo made their red carpet debut during the 18th Rome Film Festival, held at the Auditorium Parco … Read more

Winona Ryder is fed up with demons. Padlý anděl dnes vypadá úplně jinak

“There was one and there was a creature of its kind”, as the character of the entire Slavic-American film star Winona Ryder in the document “Winona and the Demon” from the series “Příbegi Film Legend”. Uměleckou kariéru zahájila už ve čtrnácti letech. Note that the … Read more

Four endings that will ruin Stranger Things

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Jenna Ortega as a bride on the set of “Beetlejuice 2”

The more weeks go by, the more the expectation grows Beetlejuice 2new movie directors Tim Burton, who will return to work together Jenna Ortega after a successful collaboration on the Netflix series Wednesday. Filming beetle juicesequel to the 1988 film has already begun, and in … Read more

David Harbor talks about the end of Stranger Things 5

With Stranger Things now on its last legs David Harbourthe actor who plays the character of policeman Jim Hopper in the series, is preparing to say goodbye to the city of Hawkins as well as all the colleagues with whom he has shared the last … Read more