Would you like to hear “Pesadilla antes de Navidad”? Tim Burton for

Found one of the films affected by double tone Bitelhus 2. Idea Tim Burtonanyone who wants to direct an original show from the late 80s should show this September 6, 2024. Here is a spectacular department that combines stellar Jenna Ortega with income Winona Ryder th Michael Keatonbut here’s why SAG-AFTRA I haven’t reached an agreement with the producers yet because production is currently in uncertainty. Meanwhile, Burton’s other films are expected to feature new cameos.

Es decir. Burton did not direct Pesadilla in front of Navidad in 1993. This is a very widespread misunderstanding among the public, although it is certain that the story belongs to her and her producer, whereas the task of directing this influential animated film was Henry Selick. Which item should you check? Peopleand you talked about the possibilities of its continuation Pesadilla in front of Navidad. Who will also lead Worlds of Coraline I admit, I don’t want to start their series Pesadilla in front of Navidad.

See this”the perfect film released at the perfect moment, only to evolve into something much bigger over the years.” It would be very difficult to match this Milagro, and Burton obviously shares this position. “I think Tim Burton especially likes it. “¿por quémeternos ahi?” You don’t need to make more money from a sequel. I had many other successes, and now Nadya has a great idea for a continuation. I wonder what Tim has to decide. I don’t think you have any ideas that suit you

It’s okay that Burton and Selick discarded another type of derivative, since it could have been a precue. Ahi Selik yes, he has more gan. “He has a more interesting story about how Jack turned into him. king of halloween town” Although the idea of ​​returning to Jack Skellington’s past did not materialize in such a project, the possibility was considered Chris Sarandon. He was the one who dubbed at Skellington and he is confident he will do it again without hesitation.

“There will be a sequel, I’ll be there” in a minute” Yes Bitelhus 2 You know, it works: it’s entirely possible that we’ve been to Halloween Town.

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