Talavera wins research ‘Oscar’

The XI Research Award for Integrated Care Management in Talavera de la Reina confirms the quality of the work of Castile-La Mancha Health Services (Sescam) professionals in this field, as highlighted by the Director of Nursing and Quality Monte Serrat Hernandez hosted the ceremony.

The 11th Talavera de la Reina Research Award for Integrated Care Management confirms the quality of the field.
Family photo of winners of the Talavera de la Reina XI Research Award in Integrated Care Management.

In the category “Best Research Work in Medicine”, the work “Lung Ultrasound as a Set of Approaches in the Primary Care of Patients with Suspected SARS-CoV-2 Pneumonia” won the award. Lung ultrasound as a triage method in primary care for patients with suspected SARS-CoV-2 pneumonia’, Jaime Gonzalez Gonzalez as principal researcher.

In the category “Best Research Work in Nursing”, the award was awarded to work on “Gender differences in anxiety, attitudes and fears among university nursing students when trained in cardiopulmonary resuscitation with COVID-19 personal protective equipment”. Gender differences in undergraduate nursing students’ anxiety, attitudes and fears in response to cardiopulmonary resuscitation training using COVID-19 personal protective equipment kits’, Carmen Romo Barrientos as principal researcher.

“The best research work performed by persons in other health care categories” is “the derivation and validation of new formulas for estimating plasma osmolarity.”Derivation and validation of a new formula for estimating plasma osmolality Jose Luis Martin Calderon as the principal investigator.


work Laura Sanchez Rodriguez “Adherence to the Mediterranean diet among adolescents in Madrid and its relationship with sociodemographic and anthropometric factors” was awarded “Best research work by trained professionals”, while Ruben Arroyo Fernandez Won the “Best Doctoral Thesis” award for his book “Effectiveness of Transcranial Direct Current Combined with Exercise in the Treatment of Fibromyalgia.”

“Delorme’s emergency rectal prolapse surgery: video clip. Delorme’s emergency rectal prolapse surgery – video vignette”, paper Teresa Calderon Duke Won the award in the category “Best Clinical Case Presented at the Conference”.

cardiovascular polyps pills

In the category “Best Medical Communication”, the award was given to the work “Effects of Starting Cardiovascular Combination Medications on Cardiovascular Risk in Complex Chronic Patients”, which Jeffrey Oscar Magellanz Gamboa as principal investigator; and “Can changes in human needs explain outcomes and mortality among COVID-19 hospitalized patients according to the Henderson model?”, Julio Alberto Mateos Arroyo As principal investigator, he received the “Best Communication Award at a Conference in Nursing.”

Internal Medicine

For its part, the book “Profile of COVID-19 Patients Requiring High-Flow Oxygen Therapy in the Internal Medicine Comprehensive Service Area”, by Maria Navarro de La Chicaand “Evaluating the efficacy and safety of janus kinase inhibitors in rheumatoid arthritis, Francisco Javier Julia Luna Received the “Best Communication for Training Professionals” award as Principal Investigator.

pharmacological intervention

‘Optimal communication by staff from other health categories’ has been shown to have a role in the impact of medication intervention on reducing medication-related problems among older nursing home patients. Impact of a pharmacy intervention on reducing medication-related problems among older nursing home patients” Beatrice in Riaguas Street As Principal Investigator; “Making visible the valuable and necessary work that hospital administrators do during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Maria Raquel Calatrava Rodriguez As principal researcher, she received the “Best Communication Award for Management and Service Professionals.”

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