What perfume does Salma Hayek use and what is their PRICE?

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Salma Hayek is one of Mexico’s most prominent actresses, and she is poised to make it big in Hollywood as one of the few Latin American actresses to make it in the European film industry. Since her role as an actress, she has branched out into producing and directing and is considered one of the leaders in the fashion world. At 57 years old, the main character of Frida Halo confirms that she is one of the most beautiful women in the world. Also, I confirmed what it is perfume which you use to stay in fashion.

We know what a huge trajectory he is on. Salma Hayek inside the history of film and television. Having started his career in small telenovelas, he decided to move to Hollywood in the early 1990s to prove himself and soon began participating in the industry. Her rise to fame came in 2002 when she starred as Frida Halo in the film of the same name, and today she is one of the newest Latin American actresses nominated for an Oscar.

Salma Hayek is one of Mexico’s most prominent actresses. Source on Instagram @salmahayek

Last month of September Salma Hayek He is 57 years old and everyone is amazed at how he has maintained his fitness over the years. The actress and producer carefully follows a strict diet and exercises, which helps her maintain a slim figure. Often he has some kind of rejuvenation technique, such as yoga or childbirth. To mark the anniversary of the new year, he celebrated it with a post in the bathhouse, where he showed happiness.

Salma Hayek celebrated her 57th birthday. Source on Instagram @salmahayek

More details about the implementation, Salma Hayek She is one of the great leaders of fashion and has been seen at some important shows in addition to flaunting herself on various occasions. In an interview, the 57-year-old actress spoke about her favorite perfume that she usually wears – “For Her” by Narciso Rodríguez, which is distinguished by its sophistication. This scent is available on Amazon for under a thousand pesos.

The scent chosen by Salma Hayek. Source

Among the characteristics of your favorite perfumes Body Hayek, we must decide which of the fragrances can be presented in two different versions: its notes: African naranjo flower, osmanthus (oloroso olive oil) and bergamot; The heart notes are dark and sweet, while the bottom notes are vanilla, peat and vetiver. Previously, Narciso Rodriguez’s film “For Her” received two awards.

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