Tata Martino’s incredible praise for Lionel Messi

Lionel Andres Messi will be in the country for a doubleheader in South America’s World Cup qualifiers, which will state joined, Mexico and Canada. But despite this, Inter Milan Miami Have to face a new day MLS He did this without the Argentinian star on the field.

The leader of this group is Gerardo Tata Martino facing Kansas City Deadline 31 MLS Ecuador’s Leonardo’s double beat him 3-2 belland Facundo’s goal Farias.

After ‘Las Garzas’ win, Gerardo Tata Martino He held a press conference and praised Lionel Messi. “He’s the protagonist, we’re the supporting cast, and they enjoy it.”the Argentinian coach said of the Inter Miami captain.

Gerardo Martino, Inter Miami head coach

In turn, the coaches of the participating teams MLS He values ​​the team’s wins without Lionel on the pitch Messi. “For a group of football players who work so hard and play alongside the best players in the world, when they’re not playing, it’s comforting to know they can win”Tata rest assured Martino.

Finally, the Argentinian coach talks about the game Lionel played Messi with the national team Argentina relatively Ecuador In the matchup corresponding to the first game of the South American qualifiers.

“He’s not making a Hollywood or Miami movie, he’s making a Buenos Aires movie. Whether it’s one jersey or another, it remains exactly the same, it’s been doing the same thing for 20 years. ” the coach concluded at the press conference.

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