Taylor Swift and devotion to best friend Selena Gomez

Friendly relations between Taylor Swift AND Selena Gomez it is based not only on great mutual affection, but also, above all, on respect. In fact, these two singers always rooted for each other.

Demonstration? Taylor Swift recently dedicated a very sweet Instagram story to Selena Gomez, writing on social media: “When your best friend is the best in the world”. He did this immediately after leaving new Selena Gomez song, Single coming soon (released last Friday, available on YouTube).

I’m so glad to have Taylor Swift’s support. Over the weekend, Selena Gomez republished the singer’s post Anti heroby sharing the story on her Instagram account.

The friendship between the two stars began in the summer of 2008, when they were introduced by the Jonas brothers. At the time, Taylor Swift was dating Joe Jonas, and Gomez was having an affair with Nick Jonas. Some time later, Selena told the magazine Seventeen that I found the perfect friend in Taylor, the one who is able to give the best advice in love relationships, as well as lend a shoulder in everything. Since then they have never lost sight of each other. Last year in the magazine rolling stone, Selena Gomez admitted that Taylor Swift is her only true friend in the music industry. And that they are always there for each other.

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