Possibly driven by a sense of nostalgia, Taylor Swift fans have been entertaining over the weekend by creating a parody version of the 1989 album cover featuring her ex-boyfriend Harry Styles. The former One Direction member, who recently appeared to be romantically involved with another Taylor – Russell – was creatively inserted into an alternate version of the famous cover that previously featured a close-up of Taylor with seagulls flying behind her. However, the fake cover shows only Harry lying on the beach with the coast in the background, and the same seagulls as on the original cover.

In the context of this artistic reimagining, according to the Daily Mail, the album cover was also accompanied by a fake AI-generated version of the single titled: “Style (feat. Harry Styles)”. The fake single appears to have been intended as an accompaniment to a short imaginary parody, again AI-generated, of two ex-boyfriends talking on the phone. Although Taylor’s fans have previously expressed enthusiasm for her good relationship with Harry, which lasted from 2012 to 2013, some of the comments were skeptical of the fake song excerpt, deeming it actually “too obvious” and inappropriate for the singer’s style.

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