Taylor Swift fired security guard who sang on her show

The security officer who went viral this summer for singing cruel summer During Taylor Swift’s Eras Tour performance in Minneapolis, he said that the event caused him to be fired from his job.. In the clip, Calvin Denker happily joined in on 2019’s song. In the TikTok video, he revealed that this – combined with notes to the Swifts asking them to take pictures of him at work, with Swift playing in the background – caused him to pull away from the concert.

“Long story short: I got fired for this,” he says in the video. “My former security company said they have a policy against taking pictures with any artists. THATThe main problem was my follow-up video where I said I was handing out pieces of paper to people in front of me asking them to send me all the pictures of me with Taylor Swift.”

Denker said a BEST HR representative did not provide him with any other information about the reason for the termination. “Except requesting photos of what happens at any other concert. With one exception: I made sure to get all those in which I was included. Calvin Denker said all photos of him at the Taylor Swift concert were taken from behind the security barricade. Just like any other fan photo. At the same time, he stressed that he never took out his phone.

Calvin Denker: “I made sure Taylor Swift was safe”

“And most of all, I made sure Taylor Swift was safe and all the fans had a good time,” he added. Denker also said he asked a human resources representative what would happen if he deleted the photos. But he didn’t get a response because the person he contacted went on vacation. That’s why he didn’t respond when he was signed to work on The Ed Sheeran Show on August 12 at US Bank Stadium.

After putting on his uniform and talking to his superiors, Calvin Denker said he was given almost the same seat as on the Taylor Swift show, next to the stage. But just before Ed Sheeran took the stage, Denker said the manager had moved him to another seat. After completing his seven-hour shift, the security officer said the human resources officer who didn’t respond to him after the Taylor Swift incident got mad at him for working more shifts. Then he fired him for good.

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