Thursday Emma Nolde at the Reggio Festival

In the green park of Campovolo, Irene continues to shine on the stage of the Festival, which this year again presents a truly rich program of concerts and shows. After a grand debut on Tuesday with Manuel Agnelli, accompanied by Little Pieces Of Marmelade, tonight, Wednesday, 23rd, Max Collini with Jucca Reverberi (Giardini di Miro) and special guest Giovanni Truppi will stage “History of anti-fascism without rhetoric”. » Arturo Bertholdi and Collini himself.

Tomorrow, Thursday, the rising star of the Italian singer-songwriter Emma Nolde, already a finalist for the Tenco Awards (2020), will perform instead, who, after touring Italy with her latest album “Dormi”, will bring with her a completely renewed live set. , both in composition and arrangements.

Naska will perform on Monday 28 (pre-sale on is active). Diego Caterbetti (aka Nazca) originally grew up in the international punk/rock scene, and later became fascinated by the American emo trap scene: influences that find enough space in his music and allow him to give his project a sound that is unique at the moment in the world . Italy. In May 2023, his second album “La mia stanza” was released.

Tuesday 29 is the turn of Christian Bugatti, better known as Bugo. A Milanese singer-songwriter who has just celebrated his fiftieth birthday and has a long musical career. In fact, his first album with ironic and daring songs is dated 2002. In 2011, he released the seventh album of his career, New Remedies for Myopia, based on the single My Eyes See; contained in the soundtrack to the film “Mission of Peace”; in which Bugo even played the role of Quinzio’s soldier.

And finally, on Wednesday, August 31, the long-awaited concert of Daniele Silvestri will come. Advance sale is open for tickets and from Monday 20th at the headquarters of Arci di Reggio in Via Ramazzini. The Roman singer-songwriter is touring Italy with the show Estate X, which is a truly outstanding success. We’ll dance to “Saliro” and all of Silvestri’s biggest hits, from “What We Have in Common” to “La Paranza” through “Gino and Alfetta (I’m in a Hurry)” to propose later. new works were included in the album “Disco X”, released on June 9. The tenth disc of unpublished works, X is ten, but also “any”, unspecified or in some mysterious way. Ten songs that chose themselves and then became inseparable, despite their completely different and distant origins. Ten stories, some of which wanted to tell other voices, and so among the guests on the disc we find – in strict alphabetical order – Davide Shorti, Eva, Emanuela Fanelli, Franco126, Frankie hi-nrg MC, Fulminacci, Georgia, the Celtons and Rongonha. It will be a joy for Silvestri to be present at the event, to attract a cross-generational audience and to make his many pieces of music resonate throughout the square.

In terms of comedy shows, the festival program offers the master of dialectal laughter Antonio Guidetti on August 21st, followed by the best comedies by Emiliano Romagnola with Giacobazzi on August 30th and Paolo Cevoli and Duilio Pizzocchi on September 3rd. Three ambassadors of good humor for a show comprised of great war horses, audience engagement and moments of genuine improvisation. Tickets are available for pre-sale on the website

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