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Environment, Technology, Economy: this is the pay off of ‘Wood Week 2023’

The use of the engineered wood in the restoration and building recovery, the use of new construction paradigmsthe renewal according to i ESG criteriathe theme of low environmental impact wooden constructionsthe products available today conceived as complex systems, the qualified skills and the specialized manpower which is consequently necessary on site: the “Wood Week”, which opens on Tuesday 28 March at ‘Ingegneria’ “Tor Vergata”, at yours third editionis a cultural project aimed at bringing together the various skills of the sector and representing the state of the art of a constantly evolving research and market environment.

It is the response to the context of the climate crisis with green building to open viable, virtuous and innovative future scenarios. Throughout the week it will also be possible to visit, from 9:00 to 19:00, the exhibition area, set up in the Engineering Education Building, which will host the companies of the sector taking part in the initiative.

There face-to-face participation at seminars gives professionals enrolled in provincial Orders the possibility of receive Professional Training Credits.

The third edition of the Wood Week

Wood Weekwhich will take place in the Engineering Macroarea of ​​theUniversity of Rome “Tor Vergata” from the March 28th to April 1stis an initiative, born in 2017, dedicated to raising awareness and disseminating the construction techniques of wooden buildings, which in 2019 received the “Diploma of Merit” within the “Sustainable PA Award – II Edition. 100 projects to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda”.

The event, now in its third edition, is created with the scientific coordination of the Department of Civil Engineering and Computer Engineering of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata”especially of the Prof. Stefania MornatiTechnical Architecture, and of theeng. Diego RogeriPhD student at “Tor Vergata”, and it is organized by Hublegno with the collaboration Of Lamellation, Wood Quality Group they provincial professional orders of Engineers, Architects, Surveyors and Doctors of Agronomy and Forestry.

A cultural project aimed at bringing together the various skills of the sector and representing the state of the art of an ever-evolving market and research area, a week designed to create a common space of dialogue and exchange between the professional world, the of Research and Entrepreneurship.

They participate The rector of the University of Rome “Tor Vergata” prof. Nathan Levialdi Ghironthe Macro-area coordinator of Engineering prof. Ugo Zammitand, representing the professional orders, the president of the Rome Order of Engineers eng. Massimo Cerrithe president of the Rome Order of Architects arch. Alexander Pancithe president of the Order of Doctors of Agronomy and Forestry dr. agr. Flavio Pezzolithe president of the College of Surveyors and Surveyors Graduates of Rome surveyor Maurice Rulliwhich will open the week, Tuesday 28 March, in the Conference Room, Education Building, Engineering Macroarea, University of Rome “Tor Vergata”, viale del Politecnico, 1.

Among the prominent names that they will intervene in “Tor Vergata”, we mention: the managing director of AMDL Circle arch. Angelo Micheli (study of the architect Michele De Lucchi), the pioneer of wooden constructionseng. Attilio Marchetti Rossi and DfMA (Design for Manufacturing and Assembly) and Mass Timber expert eng. Frank Piva (connected from Portland – International Mass Timber Conference).

The themes at the center of the numerous technical seminars

There are numerous technical seminars scheduled, also available in live streaming, divided into eight sessionstwo a day (9:00-13:00 and 14:00-18:00) ranging from the themes ofcircular economy to the criteria ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) applied to wooden buildings, from climate crisis and the future scenarios prefigured by the intervention of Luca MercalliPresident of the Italian Meteorological Society, to the use of wood for the seismic safety. Again, come on supply chain of wood at an industrial level (intervention prof. Massimiliano CaramiaEngineering Department of the “Tor Vergata” company) alle innovative solutions and systems for the insulation of wooden buildings.

The wood, a natural material with a highly technological and performing appearance from an engineering point of view, can be exploited to build sustainable buildings but also for the recovery and consolidation of existing masonry buildings, with attention to the restoration of wooden works and, on the production level, to the development of proximity supply chains with the enhancement of national and local products, such as for example chestnut wood for industrial use, from the north to the south of the country, passing through the chestnut of the Castelli Romani, near Rome.

Many innovative aspects will be addressed: in session on Tuesday 28 March will talk about innovative use of wood in seismic and energy retrofitting of existing masonry buildings, also bound, while Wednesday 29 March it will be about “medicine of living” (intervention arch. Viviana DerutoEVA-Eco Environmental Assessment protocol) and of “biophilic design” applied to wooden constructions.

Still, Thursday 30 March will explore the theme of wood preservation through the application of lignin nanoparticles (Prof. Manuela Romagnoli of the University of Tuscia), while friday 31 we will analyze the scope of wooden skyscrapers with the top industry experts, engineers Attilio Marchetti Rossi, Frank Piva And Daniel Casagrande.

The symposiumwhich develops by exploring three main areas – Environment, Technology and Economy – closes Saturday 1 April with a round table introduced by Norbert Lantschnerrecognized expert in the field of environmental issues. There round table will bring together the main concepts that emerged during the seminar days to answer the questions raised during the week’s speeches: the use of wood in engineering and architecture, the critical aspects of building with wood, the most interesting innovations in the study and research phase, the financial tools and administrative procedures that can encouraging the use of wood, a building material that can contribute to the EU goal of zero emissions by 2050.

Furthermore, throughout the week, it is possible to visit the exhibition area from 9:00 to 19:00which will be set up in the Engineering Education Building, close to the Conference Hall, an opportunity to get to know and meet companies in the sector participating in the “Wood Week”.

There face-to-face participation seminars gives professionals enrolled in provincial Orders the opportunity to receive i Professional training credits for free.

For engineers from all over Italy it is possible to participate in modality Webinar with CFP (participation fee required).

Engineers: it is possible to follow the sessions in webinar mode with CFP

Session 28/03/23 (morning)
Conservation: from restoration to reconstruction
Proposals for the reconstruction or structural consolidation of the existing building using wood

Session 28/03/23 (afternoon)
The beneficial and regenerating material

In the contemporary world, the technological guise of natural materials is valued to build sustainable buildings.

Session 29/03/23 (morning)
The language of wooden architecture

Towards a new architecture for wood – International case studies.

Session 29/03/23 (afternoon)
The new generation of the wall package

Solutions and systems for the insulation of wooden buildings: the characteristic performance of rock wool.

Session 30/03/23 (morning)
Renewal according to ESG criteria

Circular economy and ESG in the low environmental impact wooden construction sector.

Session 30/03/23 (afternoon)
The noble example of the chestnut

The short and local supply chain: the case of the Lazio chestnut and other “local” and virtuous examples.

Session 31/03/23 (morning)
The joints in wooden anatomy

Connections in timber construction – Sheets and membranes – Fall arrest systems: state of the art and developments.

Session 31/03/23 (afternoon)
The new construction paradigm

DfMA (Design for Manufacture and Assembly): case studies on high rise and mass timber constructions.

Round table 01/04/23 (masterclass – morning)
Wood market panel debate

The focus of the experts on the topics covered in the Wood Week 2023.

The University “Tor Vergata” supplies Credits for enrolled students which will follow the seminars.

Attached is the poster of the event with the program of “The Wood Week”.

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