Ten Ideas of the World

Here is a possible pacifist program divided into ten points.

1. Promoting diplomacy and dialogue. The basis of the pacifist program is the resolution of conflicts through open and constructive dialogue. Support the use of neutral mediators to facilitate communication between conflicting parties. Replace war with UN-controlled popular referendums, giving everyone the opportunity to express themselves and participate in the peace process and self-determination.

2. Cut military spending. Gradually reduce military spending and reinvest these resources in sectors such as education, health, research and poverty alleviation to improve the quality of life and promote human development.

3. Dismantling of nuclear bases in Europe. Work towards global nuclear disarmament through the implementation of international treaties requiring the reduction and elimination of nuclear weapons, thereby helping to ensure global security.

4. Focus on sustainability. Focus on sustainable development and the responsible use of resources to prevent conflicts over natural resource scarcity and food insecurity. Move resources out of the military sector towards an ecological transition and decarbonization of the economy. No civilian nuclear power. Implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

5. Promoting social justice. Combat social inequality and promote equal access to resources, education and employment, helping to reduce social tensions and possible conflicts. Promote the relevant goals of the 2030 Agenda: from “zero hunger” to reducing inequalities.

6. Support international cooperation. Empowering international organizations such as the United Nations and promoting multilateral cooperation to address global challenges such as climate change, poverty and epidemics.

7. Peace education. Promote cultural exchange between countries and educational programs that promote a culture of peace, non-violent conflict resolution, and respect for cultural and religious differences. Promote the 2030 Agenda here as well.

8. Don’t miss out on humanitarian aid. Provide humanitarian assistance to populations affected by conflicts by providing financial and logistical support to international organizations involved in emergency relief.

9. Welcoming migrants and protecting human rights. Fight for respect for human rights around the world by supporting the recognition and protection of the fundamental rights of all people, regardless of their ethnic origin, religion or political orientation. Support in particular the human rights of migrants and especially unaccompanied minors.

10. Create an atmosphere of trust. Work to create an international climate of trust and cooperation between countries through cultural exchanges, fair trade agreements and initiatives that promote mutual understanding. In this context, it is necessary to overcome the confrontation between the blocs and reduce the presence of NATO bases.

These ten points represent a shared vision for a peace agenda designed to reduce conflict, promote cooperation, and improve global prosperity. In each of them, some priorities can be distinguished, going into details.
March Pergugia-Assisi

Notes: This is only an approximate program, a framework within which more accurate and operational proposals can be placed. Who wants to collaborate to enrich and improve it: send an email to Alessandro Marescotti at.marescotti@peacelink.org.

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