Terra Amara preview, Turkish episodes: Yilmaz died in an accident

Among the main characters Bitter Landthere was Yilmaz, great love, from the first moment Zuleikha. In Turkey, where the soap opera has already ended, Akkaya he found himself at the center of a great tragedy. In fact, Yilmaz will die as a result of a car accident in which he will find himself, and nothing can be done for him.

Terra Amara preview, Turkish episodes: Yilmaz was the victim of an accident

In the Turkish episodes of Terra Amara, the love between Zuleikha and Yilmaz it will seem that it is about to bloom once and for all. Really, Demir He will give Zuleikha a divorce, telling her that now he has realized that he will never be able to keep her from his beloved Yilmaz and therefore it is worth getting a divorce. Zuleikha will be very happy and plans to finally leave Yaman’s mansion with Yilmaz. It is in these moments of happiness, Adnan will be hospitalized and Akkaya will receive news. A very worried man will try to quickly get to his son in the hospital, but it is because of careless driving that he will get into an accident. car accident. Yilmaz will be taken to the hospital shortly thereafter.

Yilmaz reconciles with Demir on his deathbed

Hospitalized, Yilmaz will be conscious and will have to undergo extremely delicate surgery to avoid the worst. Akkaya will gather all her loved ones around her and bid a heartbreaking goodbye to her godfather. Fekeli. Later he will also have a dialogue with Demir, with whom he will make peace once and for all. Touched, Yaman promises Akkaya to look after her child Adnan if anything happens to him. Yilmaz will recommend Muzhgan take care of Kerem Ali and have a good relationship with him Ali Rakhmet. Plus, of course, he’ll dedicate his final goodbye to Zuleikha, reaffirming that he’s always loved her and asking her to take care of little Adnan like they would have done if they were together. At these moments, among the desperate cries of Altun, Yilmaz expires before doctors could make further attempts to save his life.

Zuleikha returns to Demir

In just a few days a dramatic event will occur. Yilmaz’s funeral, in which both Zuleikha and Muzhgan will find themselves in despair, having forever lost the father of their children. Zuleikha will be devastated at the thought of losing Yilmaz when she was planning to move in with him, while Fekeli will try to stay strong and comfort others affected by the loss. Demir, meanwhile, will propose to Zuleikha and ask her come back to live with him. They were both left alone because he lost his mother and she lost Yilmaz. In the end Zuleikha will agree, however, emphasizing to Yamana that there is no hope that she will fall in love and that they can get back together. Over time, they will understand that they are happy together, and Zuleikha will also begin to take care of Yaman’s affairs. This closeness could hide a twist that was truly unexpected for fans of the series…

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