“That’s how it is for me…”: When Emma Stone opened up and talked about her “struggle” with “maintaining weight”

Emma Stone, a renowned actress known for her talent and grace, is no stranger to the spotlight. However, the superstar revealed that she struggles to fit into the entertainment industry’s coveted beauty standards. In a candid conversation with Seventeen.com, Stone opened up about her ongoing efforts to manage her weight. The superstar also shared her efforts to maintain a positive body image.

Emma Stone’s struggle with excess weight

Despite the appearance of personality that the world sees, Emma Stone admits that she struggles to stay thin. Stone admitted: “Maintaining weight is a struggle, especially when I’m stressed and especially as I get older. This is what my genes decided, and over time everything will change, like everything else.”

Stone went further and explained the method by which she copes with such a serious problem while maintaining a positive attitude. “When completely untrue statements are made about me or my health, part of me, of course, wants to protect (myself). The point is that people have the right to present what they want to present. My task in such moments is to tell myself the truth. Am I taking care of myself in a healthy way? Do I respect myself and be responsible? And again and again I answer this question in the affirmative. Then I remind myself to be kind to myself and, as funny as it may sound, to treat myself as gently as I would want to treat my daughter. It really helps,” the superstar explained.

Emma Stone shares a valuable message about self-love

Stone went further and shared a powerful message of self-love and acceptance. She emphasizes the need to counter unfounded claims with self-acceptance. The superstar firmly maintains that every person is unique and worthy, and that abuse often stems from the insecurities of those doing it.

“I am actively working on learning to value myself, no matter what. If what someone else says can easily confuse you, it means that your sense of self is not so firmly established to begin with. This is an inside job. You are beautiful, worthy and completely unique. People insult each other because of their own insecurities – although it may seem personal, it never really is. Really. Seriously,” she said.

Emma Stone’s revelations about her weight loss struggles and journey to self-acceptance are a reminder that the brightest stars are often battling their own shadows. Her story conveys a powerful message about the need for a positive attitude.

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