that’s who he is (and his dad is very famous)

There Daughter From David HasselhoffHailey has become one of seductive models the most requested at the moment. His beauty is unmatched and brands compete to have him on their catwalks because he has become a true icon bodypositive. Haley admits that working in this field has changed her a lot, because as a child she was a child who often came intimidated because of him breastdetermined to be too big for his age.

What changed? Let’s find out.

Hailey, daughter of David Hasselhoff, became the first curvy model to pose for Playboy: ‘Dad approves’

Hayley Hasselhoff, David’s daughter, became the first curvy model to pose for Playboy magazine.

Hailey’s story

Haley Hasselhoff in a recent interview, he said that he had a very painful past due to constant attacks from classmates. “These were real acts. intimidation. I was teased because of the size of my breasts,” said the daughter David Hasselhoff at the Mirror.

“I suffered fromsocial anxiety paralyzing and I struggled to go to school. All this affected my self-confidence, and I even stopped participating in swimming competitions, which I loved because I was aware of my body, ”Haley admitted.

The turning point was his first contract after model plus size, signed at the age of 14, which allowed her to get to know her body better and appreciate it, sharing the beauty of the female body in all its manifestations with the girls who follow her on social networks dimensions.

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