The 10 most unusual fears and phobias that even VIPs suffer from

The 10 most unusual fears and phobias that even VIPs suffer from

The 10 most unusual fears and phobias that even VIPs suffer

Feeling fear is natural and is what has allowed the human species to survive. Sometimes, however, for the most diverse reasons, which we will not go into here, fear turns into phobia.

The mechanism of fear is very complex and if unmotivated, i.e. without the presence of a real and imminent danger, it can make life very difficult. For fear may occur panic attacks or some avoidance episodes precisely to “avoid” situations that could cause anxiety or distress. Many are afraid of flying, others are afraid of contracting diseases, still others fear closed places. These are frequent fears but there are also lesser known phobias. In this article we will mention some of them and also see how some VIPs have publicly admitted to suffering from it. What is certain and self-evident is that no one should be ashamed of feeling fear and sometimes to resort to psychological support.

The 10 most unusual fears and phobias: Samhainophobia

Samhainophobia is the fear of Halloween. Samhain is in fact the ancient name of holiday on October 31st. It is a Gaelic festival that celebrates the end of the harvest but over time it has taken on a carnival connotation. For some, however, it is synonymous with anxiety. This fear falls into the scientific category of specific phobias.

The fear of clowns: coulrophobia

THE clown they are circus attractions that are supposed to make you laugh but there’s something creepy about them. It is no coincidence that they are often the protagonists of horror films. Johnny Deep has repeatedly admitted to suffering of this phobia. The fear of clowns would be explained by the fact that we perceive human features but with elements of diversity that disquiet us. This fear has a matrix similar to that of dolls, pediophobia, and that of mannequins, automatonophobia.

Ornithophobia: the fear of seagulls and pigeons

Adele, the famous Canadian singer confessed to be terrified of seagulls. They would suffer from fear of birds too David Beckham and Scarlet Johansson. Many people who suffer from ornithophobia are even afraid of running into some feathers or looking out from a balcony.

Turophobia: the fear of cheese

In this case we are not referring to simple matters of taste, but to real anguish. Many don’t like cheeses but for example, turophobics cannot sit at the table with someone eating a pizza precisely because of the presence of mozzarella. This phobia can also be combined with trypophobia.

Trypophobia: the fear of holes close together

Kendall Jenner he confessed in his blog of suffer from this fear. The holes or in any case geometric shapes close together such as those of a honeycomb, a sponge or eyed cheese they can sometimes generate anxiety. Some scientific theories would derive trypophobia from the primordial fear of our ancestors for snakes and their particular skin.

Omphalophobia: Fear of the navel

Certainly Raffaella CarrĂ  did not suffer from it, but some people fear the sight of the navel. The consequent avoidance it’s about all the situations they might run into with an exposed belly, like the pool or the beach.

Triskaidekaphobia and heptacaidekaphobia

Respectively they are fear of number 13 and number 17. Sometimes it is a fear linked to superstitious reasons but not always. A notable victim of this phobia is the master of horror Stephen King.

Clinophobia and Oneirophobia

These two fears may be closely related and are respectively the fear of falling asleep and dreaming. The loss of contact with reality, the fear of no longer being conscious or the anxiety of never waking up again can be the reasons behind this phobia. So here are the 10 most unusual fears and phobias that even VIPs suffer from.

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