The 5 beautiful and colorful looks by Bershka to have in your wardrobe for the summer

The 5 beautiful and colorful looks by Bershka-photo from wikipedia

The 5 beautiful and colorful looks by Bershka-photo from wikipedia

Summer is getting closer and closer and we need to welcome it with the right looks. And then it’s time to thicken our wardrobe and do some shopping. What to wear next summer? What are the looks that will make Bershka all the rage? Let’s see together among the infinite proposals of the brand those that can do for us and that we can wear in the next hot season.

It’s time to redo your wardrobe. We put the winter clothes away in the attic and take the spring and summer ones. But we have to add some trendy lookin this way we can be fashionable and follow the trends of the moment.

Follow current trends

There are many fast fashion brands that help us in this, but obviously if we have the economic capacity we can also aim for the luxury brands, perhaps taking advantage of some mid-season discounts. There really are many products out there and we often aim, for the hot season, at flowing clothes that don’t constrict the body and don’t make it sweat. For example, Zara has some very interesting clothing proposals. She has gods outstanding dresses for all kinds of occasionsfrom morning until evening.

Bershka’s 5 beautiful and unmissable looks

So what are the looks that we can wear this summer that will be all the rage? Let’s see a selection of items, including dresses, skirts and tops, which can be right for us. The first is a super light and perfect dress for summer. In the sun coloring this is a dress long with final ruffles playing with the wind and bare shoulders. For the evening instead, both in black and white, we can opt for a mini corset dress with criss cross hem.
This summer there will also be the skirtsobviously in denim, just with the top that Chiara Ferragni wore a few days ago. Bershka offers a denim skirt long with a deep slit at the side. Then they are perfect for the summer T-shirt with printswhich can go from tie-dye up to those customized with the inscription “my mama don’t like you” by Justin Bieber. There are so many Bershka proposals, but here are the 5 most beautiful and unmissable looks.

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