Jlo, the photo without filters and tricks: here it is natural

Always on the crest of the wave, Jennifer Lopez continues to be a beauty icon at 53: the photo on the web reveals the truth, what it really is like without filters and retouches.

We never stop talking about her because, at 53, Jennifer Lopez is more unstoppable than ever. The international pop star continues to be in great demand in every area, enjoying enormous success in any adventure she ventures into. Starting from her greatest passions, the cinema and the musicto then get to entrepreneurship and fashion.

jennifer lopez
Jennifer Lopez, the beauty of the star (IG Source: @jlo) – newsby.it

Just a few days ago, the queen of Latin pop launched her brand new collection in style shoes, signed with the brand that bears his name. But that’s not all, because Italy is enjoying its enviable beauty and sensuality through the new commercial very intimate. An excellent testimonial for a romantic and colorful line, which perfectly embodies the style of the diva, protagonist of the advertising mini-film.

And JLo doesn’t stop there, promoting the release of the new ones on the market spritzer inspired by the Amalfi coast. A move that has cost her some criticism on the web, considering that she herself has promoted the battle against thealcoholism. Despite everything, the actress shines with her own light and enchants fans with her everlasting charm. But is it all the result of mother nature? The photo without filters reveals everything.

Natural Jennifer Lopez: filters vs reality

Beloved for her many talents, the artist is one of women most envied in the world. With a magnetic gaze, very long voluminous hair and a sculptural physique, she seems to have entered into a pact with the devil. The years seem to have no effect either on the features of the face nor on his body fabulous, certainly the result of continuous training to which the singer undergoes. But does what you see on the covers of the most famous newspapers or in the shots posted on Instagram always correspond to reality?

jennifer lopez filters
Jennifer Lopez with and without filters (Instagram screenshot) – newsby.it

This is what many are asking themselves, especially in the case of out-of-the-ordinary beauties such as those of the famous 53 years old. What is certain is that JLo has never had too many problems appearing on social media with the make-up face and as soon as she wakes up, as well as in the paparazzi taken from moments of her daily life. A page on Instagram, however, decided to compare one of the photo retouch with i filters digital and a close-up of it no tricks and without deception.

Impossible to say that Lopez is so different after all. The photo edits probably choose to smooth out her facial lines, making the silkier skin and young. But also in the photo “no filter” no particular defects can be traced, in addition to some wrinkles barely visible. With a little make-up studied to perfection, the wonderful pop star defies time still showing an aspect of an eternal girl, a demonstration that for her filters are not so essential.

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