Ilary Blasi to Verissimo throws a dig at his ex Totti: «Love? Bastian like this»

Ilary Blasi is tough. Awaited guest of the Sunday episode of Verissimo where Silvia Toffanin interviewed her in view of her new …

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Ilary Blasi it’s a tough one. Waiting guest of the Sunday episode of Very true where Silvia Toffanin interviewed her in view of her new adventure at the helm of the sixteenth edition of theIsola dei Famosi which will start tomorrow, Monday 17 April.

Ilary entered the studio in a very sexy denim dress and dark sunglasses in the background “Flowers”the song of Miley Cyrus which speaks of his redemption after the disappointment of love. Could she have been a dig at her ex-husband?

Ilary Blasi’s interview

Silvia Toffanin thus began the interview with Ilary Blasi: «Viewers will be waiting for you to talk about your split from Francesco Totti but today you are not here to do this. Another time, when the time comes, you will tell your truth.’ During the interview Ilary therefore told Silvia Toffanin “his” new one Island of the Famous: «I can’t wait for it to start because I really like the cast, we choose the characters and look for the most diverse people because in this way we each create variety. What struck me most about this cast is the fact that the contestants can’t wait to leave… but they don’t know what awaits them!».

Together with IlaryThen, Silvia Toffanin also hosted Cristina Scuccia who will be one of the competitors of theIsland of the Famous. The former “Sister Christina” he said: «I can’t wait to live this new experience which is for me an act of incredible recklessness that will help me face some of my fears and fears».

At the end of his interview a very true, Silvia Toffanin did to Ilary a question about love, to which the presenter simply replied: «Bastian like this», she put her sunglasses back on, hugged her friend and left the studio amidst laughter and applause.

The thought of Michelle Hunziker

Silvia Toffanin made a surprise to Ilary Blasi giving her a video dedication from Michelle Hunziker who tells her: «I can’t wait to see you again on television because you are very good and between one diaper and another I will always follow you. You deserve all the good and success you are having. You are a professional and a special friend.’

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