Ilari Blasi and the anti-theft device attached to his shirt: “Just like Winona Ryder…”

Ilari Blasiin his last instagram stories, resumed an embarrassing and enjoyable episode, perhaps more unique than rare. The TV presenter was at dinner with her former colleague and friend Nikolai Savino. They were not alone, but there were other people in the restaurant. However, unexpectedly … Read more

Ilary Blasi to Verissimo throws a dig at his ex Totti: «Love? Bastian like this»

Ilary Blasi is tough. Awaited guest of the Sunday episode of Verissimo where Silvia Toffanin interviewed her in view of her new … Access the article and all the contents of the sitewith the dedicated app, newsletters and live updates. Already subscribed? Login here! SPECIAL … Read more