the actor and his wife were on the flight that went into free fall (VIDEO)

Last March 1, 2023 a Lufthansa flight departed from Texas in the direction of Paris had to undergo a emergency landing because of tremendous turbulence: the actor was also on board that plane Matthew McConaughey and the wife Camila Alves.

For them and the other passengers it was moments of pure panic, considering that in the first hours of the flight the plane found itself crashing in free fall for about 1,000 meters while it was flying over Tennessee. Eventually, the weather conditions prompted the pilots and the company to land at the airport Washington-DullesVirginia.

Camila Alves herself told the story, sharing a video on her Instagram profile in which she shows the state of the plane after the terrible moment she lived on board with Matthew McConaughey. Food and objects on the ground, what looks like an overturned trolley on the bottom: the images give a clear idea of ​​what happened. In the caption of the post that you can see HERE, she wrote:

During the flight last night, it was mentioned that the aircraft dropped nearly 4,000 feet, 7 people went to the hospital, everything was flying everywhere. To respect the privacy of those next to me, this is all I will show, but the plane was a mess and turbulence continues to shake the plane. It’s the Lufhtansa flight you saw on the news today! Yes… that. Thank God everyone was safe.

Oscar-winning actor for Dallas Buyers Club and possible future candidate for the presidency of the United States, curiously he is not the only name in the list of celebrities who have survived a plane crash, in this case only a near miss. Among the most famous are numbered Harrison Ford, Jennifer Aniston And Jason Momoawho had a bad time with a burning engine in 2019. Also on the list are Patrick Swayzestar of Ghosts And Dirty Dancing disappeared in 2009, Sandra Bullock and even the former president Barack Obama.

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