The alternative to the basic tank top is the American top

bella hadid he loves them. immortality Pair them with cargo pants and baggy jeans. dua lipa He likes to enhance his sexy side and flaunt them at parties and special events. Olivia Rodrigo, on the other hand, prefer vintage models with cute and colorful shapes. What are we talking about? Did american topalso said Halter topwhich are distinguished by the seductive characteristic of turning around the neck and leaving the back open, is a well-thought-out choice that, according to Fashion—A Visual History from Regency and Romance to Retro and Revolution, took to leave “an area of Gone was the free skin to expose the sun by day and show off by night”. First appearing in the 1930s as a dramatic neckline on formal dress, her design became a staple of some sleeveless and high-necked Asian clothing. size. Over the next decade they broke free, becoming leaders in their own right, above all those who like the old Hollywood divas Marilyn Monroe And Betty Grable He also liked to wear off sets. Then, in the 1950s, they became more and more popular because they required little fabric to make and were well suited to wartime rationing, remaining popular into the 1960s. In the decade of the counterculture they were synonymous with freedom, female emancipation and represented an excellent alternative to restrictive bras, while the 70s and disco fever saw them pioneer glamorous looks for the dance floor. Even in the ’90s and early 2000s, the halter top continued as a wardrobe staple favored by all-girls, as did more minimalist Gwyneth PaltrowFor those who prefer more “frivolous” items such as Mariah Carey, remember the famous butterfly topWhich was also recently worn by Olivia Rodrigo and Dua Lipa?

With its cut that reveals the shoulders, sometimes the navel and even the lower part of the bust, the halter top proves to be an interesting alternative to the classic tank top or T-shirt. on the catwalk dedicated to SS23 He did not act, but still made an appearance. Maze Offered it in a crochet version and in rainbow colors, lanvin Lattice it up with bling-bling details Koparni It was a vest Ludovic de Saint-Sernin He wanted it to be veiled and sexy, Courreges He wanted it basic, but with a little play of transparency, isabel marant While added ruffle and shimmer details trussardi It was decorated with cut-outs.

How to wear halter top today? With (or almost) whatever we want. Works as maxi skirt, mini skirt, cargo pants, shorts, jeans, day or night. The important thing is to choose the model that best enhances us and makes us feel comfortable, whether it is monochromatic and basic, in silk and with imaginative patterns, transparent and sensual or in metal mesh, as in 90 Was proposed by Versace in the 1990s.

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