“The Art of Avoiding Punishment”. Growing up Gavin Wiesen

The art of getting by (The art of getting by original version) is the first feature film written and directed by Gavin Wiesen.
The premiere took place in Sundance Film Festival 2011, will be released in theaters in August of that year. This coming of age which deals with the theme of transition to adulthood in an original and mature style, in a balanced mix of comedy and drama.

The main character is George, a high school student about to graduate, numb and alone. When he meets Sally, existence – and New York – take on an unexplored meaning. Love opens the door to the cynical and hopeless fate that George has destined for himself. In the cast Freddie Highmore (George), Emma Roberts (Sally), Michael Angarano, Elizabeth Reaser, Sam Robards, Rita Wilson AND Blair Underwood.

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The art of getting byscenario

“George, did you do your homework?” The trailer starts with a question. George replies, “No, it all seemed pointless to me, including the homework.” He later meets with his art teacher, who notes that it’s time for him to find something to say.

George (Freddie Highmore) is a typical smart student, but not aspiring. Gifted with superfine sensitivity, he seems to have already found the answers to life’s greatest mysteries. Always watch what is happening, let the time pass while the cigarette smoke burns. He paints but has no purpose and this is reflected in his art.

He meets his opposite, a sunny and popular girl who goes to the same school as him. Sally (Emma Roberts) is mysterious, incredibly comfortable going through the process of growing up. Shy and rebellious in her bourgeois world. Feelings for Sally will break his wall of misanthropy and cynicism. Because adolescence can be magical and the future is the way forward.

The art of getting byreview

In his film debut, he Gavin Wiesen makes an independent film that shines with its own light, despite the topics covered.
Delicate, insidious, but at the same time exciting transition to the era of adults and difficult choices. The complex reality of American high school. First love is a harbinger of uncertainty, like a debilitating mirage that you can never do. If the themes are paraphrases of sub-themes, as is often the case when a theme becomes a full-fledged genre, the perspective is fresh and holds its own against its peers.

Gavin Wiesen New York filmmaker. That is why the city, with its urban pictures and many faces, is an integral part of history, as unforgettable as first love. Moreover, it is the anchor point of the harmony that the soundtrack lends to the film, reflecting the feelings and moods of the characters in an exclusive way that always fits the narrative.

The writing of the protagonist and the way he is interpreted is a bright prism The art of getting away from it. The antihero perfectly embodies non-standard creativity, to which a certain amount of “black humor” and a charismatic inability to match their peers are added. The viewer is both fascinated and annoyed by this misfortune that George seems to be undergoing in an angelic way.
echo strong It’s a pretty funny story., with his love of art, existential crisis and life-terrified Craig. Here, falling in love also plays the role of revealing reality and fearless action.

Sally (Emma Roberts) is the equal and opposite counterpart of the George archetype, the antithesis needed to achieve film closure and the protagonist’s dead end. There are no surprises in the development of the plot, but the details scattered throughout the film make it a work of taste, in which registers alternate, corresponding to the emotional gallery of teenagers.

Art as a means of catharsis and drainage of the self is often recurring in feature films dealing with the history of this stage of life, and here it appears as an ideological choice made by a very young man to oppose the typical competition of this environment.

“Is this the art of survival?” the reporter asks the two actors. Emma Roberts answers:

I think that everyone is different, there are short cuts and different ways to get around, but in the end you always have to deal with an unexpected or unforeseen circumstance.

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